Don't Look. Our Dinghy is Following Us

Summer Colds

I want my mommy.

A cold virus is running rampant among the cruisers in Grenada. One cheery person not affected (yet, anyway) said that she’d heard folks often got sick about 2 weeks after Carnival. Must be something about running around in crowds. Or getting no sleep. Or something.

It’s interesting to listen to the progression of this virus on the VHF. First one boater, then another, will answer a radio call sounding uncharacteristically hoarse, or we’ll hear the spouse of a well cruiser coughing in the background during a transmission.

I have a sore throat and I cough a lot.

I don’t feel well – and I have a lot to do.

Today, EW and I were going to take salsa lessons. (The dance kind, not the cooking kind.)

Tonight is a happy hour/meeting with boaters and representatives from the local marine organization.

Tomorrow fellow members of the SSCA (Seven Seas Cruising Association) are hosting a “Blue Water Round Table” where folks who’ve crossed oceans will talk with others who want to.

Also tomorrow, we and another cruising boat are hosting a dinner party for a local family. I’ve already made the lasagna, so the party can go on without me. Darn it.

On Thursday, a local marina will present a dinghy concert. They bring a barge around to Clark’s Court Bay, and an excellent local band will perform until dark. At least if I can’t go, we are anchored where I’ll be able to hear the music.

On Friday, we’re supposed to play cricket again.

I want to talk with a bunch of friends and family back home – Pat, Cathy, Kathy, Dora, Lynnelle, Rhoda, Mo, – but the WiFi has been wonky until I got a cold. Now, it’s great – but I can’t talk.

I can’t be sick. I have too much to do.

But I don’t feel well, and I need tea with honey and lemon.

EW makes it for me.

Because I don’t feel well, and because my throat hurts, EW gets blessed with more silence than usual. He has been gracious enough not to show pleasure in that.

This virus seems to come on suddenly with a bang – and it seems to last only a few days. I hope I stop coughing by Friday so that I can do the net. But I hope my husky Brenda Vaccaro voice stays around until then. I kind of like that voice.

I’m drinking lots of liquids, and eating as little as possible. (I’m on the “starve a cold” side of that debate.)

I’m reading, napping, and getting some writing done.

And I’m enjoying the warm breezes, salt  air, and gentle motion of the boat.

I may have a cold – but I’m still in the Caribbean.

Life is good.


La Luna is anchored in the cove to the right.



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Just got over my summer cold ... almost. No carnival, lack of sleep thing for me. Just the good, old fashioned summer cold from working too many hours in a cube kind of cold. I would much prefer the Caribbean kind. Just sayin'. Miss you.

Darleen najera

Oh that nice sore throat coughing bullshit is running through our home as well. At least ts is breezy and warm here as well. - the gentle boat rocking. That's sounds real nice about now. Get well soon. Xo Dar.
You will be talking someones ear off very soon. Lol

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