EW and I Play Cricket (And I Scored!)
Opinion, Instruction, or Condescension?

EW is THE Topic

So, the other day I was minding my own business working at the laptop when EW gathered his gear, donned a cheap plastic barber’s apron, and sat down across from me.

Since I had suspicions about his intentions …

1-EW before 7-21-2012 12-56-46 PM



I grabbed our camera.

He was unaware.1-It Begins 7-21-2012 12-57-08 PM










Until he looked up.1-P7210375

I was busted, but continued to snap while he continued to snip. (So to speak.)1-Concentrating 7-21-2012 12-57-27 PM









This was the result.

1-EW with Stach only 7-21-2012 7-10-19 PM

A few days later, the mustache was also removed and EW is once again clean shaven.





I love him beard or no beard – and am really glad he (usually) doesn’t mind being The Topic (much).


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such a handsome sailor!

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