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A Month of Music Jams at Whisper Cove Marina

Shortly after we arrived in Grenada, EW contacted Marie and Giles at Whisper Cove Marina to see whether they would once again host the Sunday music jams. They expressed delight and quickly agreed to once again provide free bus transportation from the other harbors so musicians don’t have to subject their instruments to wet dinghy rides. Each week Harry picks up musicians and groupies from Port Louis, Prickly Bay, and Secret Harbor, sometimes making two trips to fit all the instruments and people on board.

Here’s Linda from1-The Bus Crowd 7-15-2012 4-17-48 PM Troubadour getting off the bus on July 15th. (The dome behind her is Chris – the actual troubadour from their boat.)

This jam is one event EW never misses – it’s the fulfillment of his dream of cruising and playing music with others. Even when we had guests on board, we sailed (motored) back to the bay on Sunday so we’d be on time for the jam.

June 17th.   Each week is extraordinary – and each week is different. The first week could be sub-titled “Guys and their Guitars” as there were no other instruments and no women participating. I take that back – while there were no women participants – Zoë, an eight year old girl from South Africa – heard EW promoting the jam on the VHF Net and told her mom that she wanted to go. Zoë is taking guitar lessons. Her mom warned her that the guys may play too fast for her, but she said she’d watch and learn – and she did. Jam 6.17.12 Young Guitarist and mentor 3 6-17-2012 4-16-58 PMOf course the guys helped her out. One tuned her guitar and three others gave her chords. Here, Bruce got her interested in playing as he performed Dancing with Bears – a perfect song for Zoë or any kid at heart. I loved it.Jam 6.17 EW singing with Group 6-17-2012 3-46-43 PM

Here are more photos from the first jam on June 16. As you’ll see, they were ultimately joined by a harmonica player and Peter from Jabiru played his pipe in addition to guitar.



Jam 6.17.12 Harmonica at night 6-17-2012 7-10-28 PM



Jam 6.17.12 Fierce Singing Face 6-17-2012 5-17-22 PM

EW had a new fierce singing face.

Jam 6.17.12 Ross leading a song 6-17-2012 4-14-20 PM

Jam 6.17.12 Two guys on guitars 6-17-2012 5-12-34 PM

Jam 6.17.12 Peter with Whistle 6-17-2012 3-47-07 PM



Jam 6.17.12 Young Guitarist and band 6-17-2012 4-19-01 PM










One of the more honest T-Shirts we’ve seen.

Jam 6.17.12 Favorite Shirt of the Day 6-17-2012 5-35-01 PM

At right – we have two imported Mainahs and a Kiwi. EW with our buddy D’irv taking photos, playing with an outstanding guitarist and song writer.Jam 6.17.12 Two Friends EW and D'irv 6-17-2012 7-11-34 PM










Jam 6.17.12 Young Guitarist Front on 6-17-2012 5-34-33 PM



Jam 6.17.12 Jerry Singing 6-17-2012 5-54-10 PM


Jerry, sailed from California, and is a solo sailor except for his two poodles, Tiller and Sparky. Jerry shares show tunes during each jam session, singing acapella.





June 24th

1-The Four of Us at Whisper Cove 6-24-2012 6-53-05 PM 6-24-2012 6-53-05 PMStu and Cathy were visiting and I took fewer photos. Still got EW’s fierce face, Peter, and Chris from High Heeled – plus a great shot of the four of us.

1-EW Fierce Face 6-24-2012 4-07-04 PM

1-Chris High Heeled 6-24-2012 4-07-37 PM1-EW and Peter 6-24-2012 4-07-19 PM



 I enjoyed the music and was delighted to share this experience with UA and Cathy.

1-UA and Cathy 6-24-2012 4-08-58 PM









July the First.

Women! Percussion!  New voices and new instruments!  You can tell from EW’s face that he’s enjoyed himself during this jam.

1-Jam 6.30.12 EW happy with group 7-1-2012 4-29-18 PM


1-Jam 6.30.12 Diana Ross cu 7-1-2012 3-41-06 PM


Diana joined her talented SO, Ross, and proved that she can hold her own singing and playing with the group.

The crew from Mobion at far right – Elle sings and plays guitar and her SO sings and really knows how to make small percussion instruments add to the mix.

1-Jam 6.30.12 Mobion and group 7-1-2012 4-05-11 PM







They were joined by Nina (next to EW) a visitor from France who is a trained opera singer, and Diane from DJ.

1-Jam 6.30.12 Greek Chorus 7-1-2012 5-46-47 PM





The Greek Chorus at left and EW and Nina perform a Brazilian song at right.



1-Jam 6.30.12 Jerry 4 7-1-2012 5-00-56 PM


1-Jam 6.30.12 Sweet Sunny 7-1-2012 5-46-08 PM

Jerry at left.


Sunny from Notre Vie at right – getting into the swing of Sweet Caroline.








July 8

Diana and Ross from One White Tree go over music with Chris (center), the troubadour from Troubadour.

1-Jam Diana Chris and Ross 7-8-2012 5-04-46 PM

1-Peter Singing and Playing 7-8-2012 6-46-09 PM


Peter – at his last Whisper Cove Jam of the season. They’ve sailed off to Trinidad.




Diana and Ross leading a song together.

1-Diana and Ross  7-8-2012 5-29-41 PM

1-Nina Singing 7-8-2012 5-12-42 PM



      Nina at right






1-Jerry with Nina and Aleta 7-8-2012 6-23-27 PM


1-Kirk with Chris Spirit Du Libre 7-8-2012 6-45-27 PM

Jerry was joined by Nina and Aleta.


And Kirk really enjoyed playing with Chris (Frenchie) on the harmonica.




1-Chris from Troubadour 7-8-2012 5-32-54 PM

We all enjoy Chris’ Pirate Song. Grim but tuneful and very funny.







So here’s the deal. Each week we have a wonderful time. The musicians all learn something. No matter what instrument is presented, it all works together. (More on that for the next music jam post.)

And these sessions point out the transient nature of our lifestyle as folks join in for a week or two and then move on to other islands. We miss the folks from High Heeled, Jabiru, Spirit, and Bruce and the harmonica player from the first week. Sail well and keep playing. We’ll catch you at another jam someday.


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