Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta–The Maine Event
Antigua Classics Regatta, the View from the Top

Boat P**n–Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

Schooners, and Cutters and Yawls! Oh my!

There are four days of racing at the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta.

Thursday- Single Handed Race. We were informed that each boat may have one person on board to help them get to the starting area and set the sails. That person then goes below for the duration of the race.

Friday – Monday One race each day, with the first class beginning at 10:00 AM.

In addition, there is a tea, gig racing, a boat parade, and many, many parties with music, food, and drink.

What’s not to like?

We had three different views of the races. On Friday, we watched some of the starts from the tender to s/v  Lion’s Whelp with Phin and Joanna Sprague.  On Sunday, EW and I hiked up the hills between Falmouth and English Harbors to catch the view from on high, and on Monday we took four friends out on La Luna to watch the start and to join us on a sail to Jolly Harbor. In between, we visited with cruising friends, did some work on La Luna, had lovely meals ashore, and walked the docks before and after the races.

Here are a few of our favorite photos from Friday.


Tuiga's  Bowsprit 4-20-2012 2-19-04 PM 4-20-2012 2-19-04 PMIf it’s got a bowsprit, then someone is nearly always out on it. working or watching. At left, on Tuiga.

Below, on Zaca A Te Moana

Bowsprit too 4-20-2012 2-17-16 PM








Classic 20-4 4-20-2012 1-45-45 PM


This “Spirit of Tradition” class boat is from Germany. This class has magnificent yachts, “built recently using modern methods and design, but retaining the original grace and style of the old classics.” They are breathtaking.



Tuiga, below, is owned by Prince Albert of Monaco. We didn’t see him at the regatta and don’t know if he participated.

Tuiga from astern 4-20-2012 2-20-18 PM










Navy Spinnaker Friday  4-20-2012 2-11-27 PM


Rebecca full on stern 4-20-2012 1-59-32 PM



              Sails and Clouds











Rebecca,  Spirit of Tradition Class

Rebecca on Friday 4-20-2012 2-22-20 PM

Classic Ketch 18 2 4-19-2012 1-40-51 PM








Classic Ketch





And on the dock:


Looks like Old Bob’s fender had an overnight gender change.



                                    Interesting gangway for boarding, no?











This crew member (who races) allows humans to use it too. Racing Dog 4-21-2012 9-14-11 AM


And poses for photos -- at the cost of one belly rub.



Stowing extra weight 4-21-2012 9-18-05 AM







To lighten the load, most boats removed all un-necessary items to a pile on the dock. Guess they didn’t want to race with a bicycle on board.


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