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Buh-Bye, St. Thomas. It Was Fun. And Filling.

On Monday, the 26th, we left St. Thomas, after four months at anchor in Elephant Bay, Long Bay, and off of Honeymoon Beach (my favorite). By 10:30 Am we had raised the anchor and headed to the British Virgin Islands.

We never expected to spend four months in St. Thomas., It was a Buh Bye Anchored 2-26-2012 9-32-19 AMgood four months, but both EW and I had gotten antsy. The cruising life in St. Thomas is different than our experience at other islands. Most of the long-term cruisers who visit here fall into two categories: 1. Those who stay only a short while; or 2. Those who come here in the winter to work and replenish their cruising kitty.

In short, we frequently had no one to play with.

I was getting a bit testy and defensive about it until I met some non-cruising women from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. They all have small condos here and cheerfully identify themselves as “snowbirds”.

(At left, La Luna is anchored near S/V Katahdin and a large yacht, off of Honeymoon Beach.  Katahdin is Cathy and Larry Clough’s boat.)

We may not have been good cruisers these last few months, but we were great snow birds.

Below left, Carrie waiting for the Monday Movie at Honeymoon. Below right, Favorite, Barb and Jeff.  We will miss them all.)Buh-Bye-Mo-Barb-and-Jeff-1-27-2012-6[2]


We had to leave St. Thomas to gain perspective. Except for a brief visit to Puerto Rico after Christmas, we had been anchored off of the island of St. Thomas since before Thanksgiving. The length of our stay was partly on purpose and partly due to computer repairs, work on the book, and Favorite’s visit. We also thoroughly enjoyed our time with EW’s cousin Jeff, and his wife, Barb Hart the First. It was great to spend time with them (not just because they are both excellent cooks), and Barb and I finally had the time to become real friends and not just loving, yet distant family members. That has made all the difference.

Jeff makes Sunday dinner at the Hart Home in St. Thomas. For our last Sunday dinner, he made my favorite, “Jeff’s roasted veggies” and EW’s favorite grilled ribs. Oh my. USVI good by 3-25-2012 6-59-36 PM Yes, I have gained weight in St. Thomas. No, it is not Jeff’s fault. I could have had one small helping and no pistachio ice cream. But I didn’t.

We will return to the USVI, sailing to St. John later in the week and spending a week cruising, snorkeling and hiking that beautiful island. We actually plan to visit St. Thomas again, via the ferry from St. John to Redhook. We’ll see Jeff and Barb one last time, provision at Cost U Less, and hopefully visit with a few of other St. Thomas and cruising friends, before heading to Antigua for the Classic Boat Regatta. 

After that, we’ll head to St. Martin, then work our way back down the Leeward and Windward Islands to Grenada and Trinidad.

After that.. well, more on that in a later post.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few of the many photos of St. Thomas.









A restaurant in Redhook fed lettuce to the iguanas.               One of the music sessions aboard La Luna.


We loved this sign.     The gentleman on the right offered to hold the Officiant Bag while I took photos.
















Finally. I just learned to use the MS “Snipping Tool” to capture a bit of our chart and show you where we are.

Here are the Virgin’s. The stars denote anchorages we’ve used, or plan to use. On March 28th we are in Tortola.  The largish island in the middle at the bottom is St. John, USVI. Jost Van Dyke and Tortola are part of the British Virgin Islands.


Capture Virgin Islands


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1. If the friends that you met are "snow-birds," that must make you guys, "sea-birds."
2. I want some of those roasted veggies. ;-)

Darleen najera

Thanks for the update! I love, love Tortola. A place I would love to go again. Post pics please! So I can dream :)

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