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View from the Deck

I've recently "discovered" the "First World" meme -- finally. This week I'm having First World At Sea issues. We have to send the laptop back to Toshiba, which is one of the companies that chooses to exclude the USVI from shipping, so I will send the laptop to Cathy in Florida who will kindly send it to Toshiba and then back to me when they return it to her. Our other two old laptops have issues and I will have to rely on our cousins and use their PC a day or two each week until the Toshiba returns home.

There's a rant blog post partially written with the working title of "Toshiba, You Are Dead to Me", and I've been grousing and complaining, and OK, using bad language. Then, I looked out the port and felt stupid.

This is my view. We are anchored in the harbor off of Charlotte Amalie. EW is preparing Buffalo Wings, and at two, Cousin Jeff will pick us up for an afternoon at their lovely home and a evening enjoying the Superbowl.

Not only are my problems First World problems, I get to rant about them (or accept them and move on) on our sailboat. Tomorrw we'll anchor off if Honeymoon Beach, and swim, and attend the free movie on shore. I am not suffering.

So here's my challenge: To post this week from the IPhone. That's my First World problem.


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love your posts and pictures - thanks

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