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Hair Cuts and Scalp Jobs

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Harts At Sea Sailing to Windward

A tale of two baby boomers during their first year as cruisers, sailing, touring, loving, learning, and fixing the boat – not necessarily in that order.

This ebook is available for just $2.99.

Purchase Now:       Amazon

Don’t have a Kindle, or iPad?  You can download Kindle for PC and read the book, that way.

Please Share. Write write an honest review of the book after you’ve read it and post it where you bought the book.

Please Spread the Word. Let your friends and family know about Harts at Sea Sailing to Windward.


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Did you notice that I bought the book and promoted it on Facebook? Ahhh, maybe not, what with all of the book launch promotion parties and the ebook signings..... :-) congrats!


Congratulations ... the cover is wonderful!

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