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Balance Ain't Happening this Week

Cruise Ship Water Island 1-9-2012 6-14-12 PM


How are your resolutions working out? I chose to work on one thing this year, and blew it in week two of the 2012.


I will get focused on a task, project, book, or event and let everything else go. This past summer, when I was writing my (soon to be released) eBook, I would get up, have breakfast and sit down to the computer, avoiding dishes, exercise, and getting dressed until well after lunch. That is not a balanced life.

On other weeks, I’d decided to participate in a number of classes or excursions, and not write one word as I enjoyed an active social life in Grenada. That wasn’t balanced, either.

This year, I’m working to create a balanced blend of the cruising life, project work, house work, writing, and time for exercise into each week—much as those who are living more normal lives do. After all, I don’t have to “go to work” every day, don’t have kids to transport to school or activities, am no longer sitting on any committees or boards. My time is my own (and EW’s). Can’t I provide some structure to my week that would allow me to be more productive and healthier?

Well, apparently not without a lot of trial and error.

Seven days ago, I had congratulated myself on exercising daily, writing daily, and cleaning (a bit) daily. EW and I had social time with other cruisers, I spent a terrific afternoon with our cousin, Barb Hart the First, and got my hair cut. My project right now, is a writing project, as I am getting the eBook ready for publishing. I also worked on that four days last week. Then I blew it. Between spending time with friends, working on the dinghy, and spending much of a day working on the boat with EW, I didn’t exercise, write, or work on the eBook for four days.

That (typically for me) creates a panic. I want this book out – and Favorite is coming to visit on the 22nd – so I want all or most of the work done before that. So, my lack of balance has continued this week. We are anchored off a beach at Water Island, I could easily go in for a walk or a swim—but I haven’t. I have spent hours every day working on the eBook. On the other hand, I have picked up the boat, washed the dishes after every meal, and gotten dressed every morning. That’s an improvement. This morning, I’ll finish formatting the book for Kindle and Smashwords. It’s taken much longer than it should have because I made some errors along the way.

So, I’ve learned some good lessons in this third week of my Year of Balance.

1. If I write another book (and I’d like to) I will type every word in a format that will more easily convert for ePublishing. I will not copy and paste from Typepad, Live Writer, or Windows 7.

2. While I’m not happy with my lack of balance overall so far this year, I have done better. There’s a definite improvement when I don’t have to dash for real clothes when folks stop by unexpectedly. EW and I have only had popcorn for dinner once in the past two weeks – and that’s an improvement as well.

3. “Balance” is the right focus for me this year. I can add it to the focus on “Softening” which is an on-going challenge, and know that I’m actually working on things that are important and that I can change.

4. Exercise seems to be the priority that is most often ignored when I’m having an unbalanced week. This is an on-going problem with me, as I find I’ve been writing about it since March in Luperon, at least. I can either change, or just stop whining. Hmmmm.


But we’ve also had fun this week. We continue to attend the free movies on Honeymoon Beach. Last week I took time before the cartoons to take a few photos. At the top, one of the cruise ships, leaving Crown Bay, glides past Water Island.

Water Island Moving Night 1-9-2012 6-17-23 PM


The folks at Water Island, set up the screen, speakers, and projector. Owners of the food concession set up the chairs. Locals and cruisers attend each week. It’s a blast.



Three Cruisers Ready for a Movie 1-9-2012 6-27-08 PM

Water Island also has a book swap at their mail drop and ferry terminal. EW and I dropped off three tote bags of books and only brought a partially filled bag back with us. That’s a win.

Water Island Book Swap 1-18-2012 4-15-38 PM


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#1. .txt (but windows 7 allows you to paste copied text without format.)

Balance is a huge issue for most of us, isn't it? (I joke that I have ADD [alcohol deficit disorder] but I have these swings...music, photography, reading, work... and never enough time to "balance" them.

Thanks for this.


I think some of us are just project-based folk. We like to start a project and get it done - thus "allowing" ourselves to move on to the next one. We make great journalists, filmmakers, broadcasters - and writers! The rest will be an eternal struggle. LOL

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