Ano Nuevo Take Two

Getting Ready for the Ano Nuevo

Location: 18.20.177 N 65.37.280W

We are still anchored off of Isletta Marina just off of Fajardo. This isn't where we wanted to spend New Year's Eve, and I don't have Wi-Fi, I'm tired, and the boat is a mess. But- I'm delighted and thrilled to be here. I'm blessed. 2011was a wonderful year and we are excited about 2012. Since it's not easy for me to insert photos when I post via the iPhone (it may be easy for someone else, but I don't know how) my final post of 2011 will be photo free but I promise to make up for that when we are on-line.

Here are a few things I learned in 2011and what I hope to add this year:

• Softening. This is a "biggie" for me, as my mom used to say. She also said--often-- "Barbara, you're so impatient". I was. I still am. But this year I learned to soften a bit--both in what I project and what I feel inside. Still working on it and will for the rest of my life.

This year I will add Balance to my inner recipe. Balance to spend time for important things on a regular basis, instead of focusing on one to the exclusion of all others. Balance in my diet, exercise, and general well-being, and balance in my thoughts. While softening was definitely about me, it had a positive impact on EW and others. Balance is even more about me. I'm not sure what the impact will be, except that I do expect to be dressed at a reasonable hour as a balanced life would include getting ready for the day before sitting down to write for six hours.

• For me, this lifestyle isn't about the sailing. I enjoy it, because living aboard and traveling in our boat allows us to see countries thatcare new to us and to meet and befriend people who are new to us. We have met incredibly nice and generous people, from Bahama John, crazy taxi driver in Nassau to Polito, a 70 year old racing and charter captain here in Fajardo. (Note: We also met wonderful people when we sailed down the Atlantic Coast of the US in 2010.) We have made new friends for life in the sailing community, as well. For me, 80% of this lifestyle is about the people. This will come as no surprise to those who know me.

•EW is my mate for life and my best friend. We both learned a lot this year and we begin 2012 with a stronger relationship. Couples break up out here but that will not happen to us. (Even if he just now wanted to take the holiday decorations down before New Year's Eve. He has seen the error of his ways and they will stay up overnight.) EW is a great topic and he has a great sense of humor. Good thing.

• Both EW and I have discovered that for us, being out here isn't enough. We both need something to work on besides boat projects. EW has worked on his music. I write and take photos. I cannot express how important each of these endeavors has become to both of us.

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Darleen najera

Aww well said, and I can hear the sweetness in your voice! Those new folks who get to meet you in 2012 will be very blessed for sure! Ew your a good man!

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