Dingbat in a Dinghy (Blond Jokes Allowed)
Balance is Good


Katahdin sailing into St. Thomas 12-2-2011 3-59-48 PMWe were delighted a few days ago when S/V Katahdin sailed into Long Bay and anchored behind us. I whooped my glee from the aft deck as they motored past to say hello. Larry and Cathy are from Cape Elizabeth, Maine; EW helped them find Katahdin and we both joined them one Memorial Day weekend as they delivered her from Rhode Island to Maine. Cathy is writing a blog, sharing their adventures – appropriately called “Finally!” to represent the years of dreaming, planning, saving, and preparation for their adventure. Check it out.

PC020106Cathy and Larry came down to the Virgin Islands on the Caribbean 1500 this year, a sabbatical year at sea for them. Before Christmas, they’ll be joined in St. Martin by their two adult children who will visit over the holiday, after that, they will sail where the wind takes them in the Caribbean and the Bahamas before heading back to Maine. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – each sailor has a unique perspective of their journey. While we are delighted to be “sailing until we’re done”, we are equally thrilled that fellow sailors can take the time and effort to sail their own vessels to the islands. It’s a marriage building, personal growth, memory generating experience and we're especially delighted to share it with friends from back home.

With Cathy and Larry we visited a small craft fair on Water Island and climbed the road up to the view from Paradise Point (available by gondola for those less able or more sane).

Here are Larry and EW at the start of the hike. See the slope and gondola towers in the back?



                               Here are Cathy and Larry in a live post card shot from the top.

Larry and Cathy Post Card 12-5-2011 11-57-10 AM











Cathy also gave us a pile of ginger chews. PC060023During a discussion about provisioning aboard La Luna with our St. Thomas friend, Morgan, and Cathy and Larry, Morgan mentioned that he had a hard time getting candied ginger on the island. Larry exclaimed, “Ha! We’ve got eleven pounds of it on board!” I thought that was an exaggeration. Who would buy eleven pounds of ginger chews? Cathy would. She was provisioning for 6 months, including what turned out to be an eleven day passage with two additional crew. She purchased the chews on-line where the options were, two ounce bags, six ounce bags, or eleven pound bags. Yep. They have a lot of ginger chews on board. We accepted a few to lighten their load. This is a pound or two of ginger chews.

S/V Katahdin left for St. Croix on Wednesday morning, but we’ll make sure to meet up with them as we head back down the island chain in 2012.  While they were in town we had drinks and dinner on both vessels, toured the island a bit together, and had a delightful evening on yet another Maine boat. EW received a phone call from his old friend D’irv. D’irv had bought a sailboat after we left Maine, and he sailed it down with two friends, Frank and Gary, D’riv’s daughter Tessa, and crew Jackie. D’irv invited the crews from both Maine boats for dinner and Tessa and Jackie cooked up grilled wahoo, rice, and grilled peppers. My job was to keep the drinks flowing, so I turned a number of the party on to Cooldowns, my favorite hot weather drink.

PC050008We had a great evening aboard Rewa – a beautiful (and HUGE) sixty-four foot aluminum Sparkman Stevens design. Her cockpit is party central. They’ve gone to visit the British Virgins for a couple of days and when they return I’ll cook Caribbean Stewed Chicken for them – as long as I can serve it on their boat.

Amongst all of this on-board wining and dining, we took an evening to have dinner ashore with Jeff and Barb and their friends Kathy and Dave. We chose the Island View Guest House because we’d heard such nice things about it from boating friends who had dined there for Thanksgiving. The view is fantastic, the food outstanding and the prices so reasonable that all three men asked our server to make sure she hadn’t made a mistake. They only serve dinner to non-guests three nights a week and then only turn the tables over once. We got to relax and enjoy an evening overlooking Charlotte Amalie Harbor, eat, drink, and have excellent conversation. I’d call that a win.

I’ve had to order a new part for my Wi-Fi antenna, and have borrowed a router from a St. Thomas live-aboard friend. He needs to use it when he isn’t at work, so Internet research and blog posts have suffered. In the meantime, I’ve had an article accepted by All at Sea for publication in February, and have to go on a photo shoot to provide images to go with the piece. That’s fun now, because we finally purchased a big girl camera, an Olympus 810. It isn’t one professionals would use, but it does give me a much better zoom and excellent quality photos. Tess and Jackie, both photographers, checked out my new camera, tweaked the settings, and offered valuable tips. Tessa is studying as a professional and has an excellent training gig this winter in Montana, working as a stage and event photographer. Jackie has experience on boats, and in digital graphic design and would like to get a job here for the winter. Both are delightful young women. (Below, Tessa, Cathy, and Dave are working in Rewa’s amazing galley.Rewa Galley  12-5-2011 7-26-16 PM

On Wednesday afternoon, EW and I met up with Barb for the Christmas Tree Lighting at Haven sight, one of the shopping centers for the cruise ships. We checked out the booths, the decorations, excellent live music, and a parade featuring two outstanding high school bands. So that’s the past week in a nutshell. Busy, fun, with too much good food. EW has had to repair the dinghy twice and we both look forward to getting the new one in Puerto Rico after the holidays. We’ll probably visit St. John between now and Christmas, and plan to have Christmas with Jeff and Barb – holiday central for us in the USVI.


                                                                                                                         Jazz Band













Parade Watcher. Clapped the whole time.



Dance Team for Outstanding Band. 
(Please note that they are wearing khaki short pants. Hmph!)










Drum section for the other excellent band.



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