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EW celebrated his 65th birthday on November 6, at the jam session at Whisper Cove Mariana. He played music and ate cake. He was happy. Four days later, EW celebrated his 65th birthday by jumping from a the top of a 35-foot waterfall into an 18-foot deep pool. We had no cake, but he was happy.

The celebration with cake was my idea. The jump was his.



11.6.11 EW playing and smiling 11-6-2011 4-00-31 PM


Let’s talk about the jam session party first. It was a cinch to pull off, since he’s made so many nice friends here. This is how you plan a party for EW at a jam session :

1. Ask Marie, the co-owner of Whisper Cove Marina and Restaurant whether it is OK to bring cake to the session in honor of EW’s birthday.

2. Mention said birthday to a couple of the musicians, and one says that his wife Leeann will make a cake. (I thought that was a generous offer of Leeann's time, and still expected to make two carrot cakes.)

3. Tell everyone we know to pass it on – birthday for EW at the jam session.

Birthday Card 11-13-2011 1-52-43 PM4. Decide to print a photo of EW playing in a jam session and put Happy Birthday on it for folks to sign. Ask Sharon, artist, boater-on-land, and Spanish class friend of EW, where I can have said card laminated after the party. She says, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have his photo surrounded by a guitar. Do you have a photo of his guitar?" She proceeded to paint an incredible card with guitar, space for two photos, and the Grenadian colors. A photo of the jam session will be inserted under the four hearts. Isn’t that wonderful?

5. Ask musicians Tony, Peter, and Jess to keep EW off the boat on Sunday morning so I can make one carrot cake. Indeed, Leeann was eager to make her amazing Decadent Chocolate Cake. (My mouth waters as I write this. That cake is delicious.)

6. Make my cake and deliver both cakes to Whisper Cove Marina while EW is off with Tony and Peter. (EW did later say that he could still smell something sweet when he returned. He figured there was cake somewhere.)

That’s it.  When Sharon arrived with the card, Tony sent the musicians over one-by-one to sign it, and we spread the word around the bar. Marie cheerfully let us into the kitchen to place the candles on the three cakes. Gabi, our outstanding yoga instructor had arrived with an amazing chocolate swirl pound cake.

11.6.11 Cake! 11-6-2011 4-41-33 PM - CopyWe sang a rockin’ Happy Birthday”, EW blew out the candles with a lot of help from the overhead fans, and Leeann and I served cake. EW was delighted. Everyone got cake.

Happy Birthday, Baby.


11.6.11 Peter and Stew 11-6-2011 7-19-07 PM






11.6.11 EW and Card 11-6-2011 4-42-58 PM11.6.11 Urs, Peter, EW, Rich 11-6-2011 4-29-55 PM



11.6.11 Tony and Jess 11-6-2011 6-27-35 PM11.6.11 Happy Birthday Stew 11-6-2011 4-42-30 PM




11..6.11 Rich singing 11-6-2011 4-03-51 PM11.6.11 Chris singing 11-6-2011 3-59-50 PM



11.6.11 The band playing 11-6-2011 4-30-18 PM



11.6.11 EW and the Band 11-6-2011 4-45-58 PM.11 11-6-2011 4-45-58 PM




Four days later, EW celebrated his birthday, by jumping at Seven Sisters Falls. As he said, “I have no interest in jumping out of an airplane, but I want to do this.”  I’d had no idea this had been on his list. We’d hiked to the falls a number of weeks ago, taking the easy walk down to the pool without a guide. This time, a fellow cruiser planned the day and engaged one of the better local guides, Super Butterfly, because she knew a guide was needed for the jumping part of the trip. PB100174PB100176Super Butterfly led twenty-two of us through the plantation and down the trail to the two beautiful pools. Many swam, and quite a few jumped off a small cliff from the upper pool into the lower one. After we’d snacked and relaxed a few minutes, Super Butterfly gathered the six who were going to do the jumps.

PB100186Here’s the deal about the jumps: It’s a commitment. You do them one, you do them all.






The guide led the six up a very steep, treacherous trail to the falls at the top of the gorge. Some of us had expressed interest in climbing up with them to take photos, but Super Butterfly didn’t “advise this”. Afterwards the jumpers all said that the trail would have been dangerous and difficult going down. At the top, SB led the group into the water and over a few smaller falls. They weren’t allowed to jump from one as the water was too shallow, but were directed how to safely jump from other falls in the 8 – 12 foot range. Many said that their favorite part was a long swim through a narrow stone canyon. They also negotiated a sluiceway involving rushing water, boulders, and Spiderman maneuvers.

PB100192Finally, they appeared at the top of the 35 foot falls above our pool. SB gave instructions to the group, then showed each where to stand, as one-by-one they stepped out into the air and fell into the pool below. PB100194 EW said later that SB had tried to discourage him from going on the trek at the start, and seemed to feel that he was “too old” to participate. That displeased EW, but didn’t discourage him. He was determined and excited. He jumped perfectly and rose from the pool smiling.





Remember those flamboyant trunks? Here’s EW!


















Congratulations, EW. Happy Birthday and many more.

I hope you have that jumping thing out of  your system, now.PB100203


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