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Work a Little, Play a Lot – Boat Projects

During the first week of October, EW played his guitar a lot, and at one point said, “I feel like a slug!”. I didn’t think he was a slug, just a budding guitar great. Nevertheless, he paused for a while one afternoon and completed the following:

1. He cleaned the breather intake, a strainer that keeps stuff from being sucked into the engine. 15 minutes, no cost.

2. He also did some maintenance on the head. He changed the gasket and lubricated the inlet valve.  45 minutes, no cost.

On that day, one hour of work made him feel better, and he went back to practicing his guitar. Work a little, play a lot. I think he has his priorities right.


The Year’s Project Totals at this Point



Another Projects

Total Time


Items lost overboard

Total Cost



1 hour


Patch kit tube (recovered)




1 hour







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