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I’ve Got New Shoes

Here’s the rest of the story regarding my Columbia Techsun II Sandals – those are the ones manufactured with cardboard between the layers in the sole. I had sent a copy of that blog post to their customer service email, but didn’t receive a response after 4 days, so I posted my complaint. Very shortly after that I received a reply on Twitter and in my email account.

In email, Christian apologized for my problems with the shoes and offered to replace them with a different style of a similar value. I accepted, but reminded him that we were in Grenada – and wasn’t sure how we could handle the shipping.

We both looked for an answer, and Christian got back to me first. He said that the warehouse couldn’t  send shoes to a foreign country but he could. He would have the shoes shipped to his desk and wait for me to provide an address in Grenada. That was an excellent and generous offer, but I came up with an even better one.

Our neighbors and friends were expecting company from Tennessee. Could Christian ship the shoes there over the Labor Day Weekend? If so, the guests would stash the sandals in their bags and bring them to Grenada.

Perfect. I have my shoes, the Columbia Sun.

I’m not thrilled with the color (black, and I chose it) but they are very comfortable. I’ve walked to town two or three times already and they are good, comfortable sandals. I’ll still seek more nautical sailing kicks when we get back to a shopping zone (St. Thomas, St Maartin, or some such place). I’ve decided that we really need two pair of sandals, one for walking and one for deck wear. Neither should contain cardboard.

Christian is excellent at customer service – but no one addressed whether it is really a good idea to put cardboard in boating/water use sandals. It’s not. I think they should discontinue any model that was created with that flaw. As a consumer, I will not purchase Columbia sandals for marine use, since I can’t be sure which ones have cardboard and which do not. West Marine, are you paying attention?

I’m not sure that Columbia Sportswear manufacturing arm cares, but their customer service department does. I’ll continue to purchase their product, but not sandals for water use.

Thank you, Christian.

And a big shout out to Linda and Steve from Tennessee. They tucked the sandals into their bags, no questions asked – even though they knew these sandals were way to big for Carrie’s feet. We loved meeting you and sharing your time in Grenada. Y’all come back now, y’hear?


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Doll (& Capt'n too)

Well...we shall see how this pair holds up!!!
I am a flops person...got some "margaritaville" pair after the hot sun of Key West melted my straps out of the others. Says they are meant for water use...I live at the beach...we shall see.
Capt'n seems to like Sperry and he is ROUGH when it comes to water...you should see what he has done to 3 cell phones and 2 past flops!!! The camera MAY be his...but DOLL carries the camera around!!!
Smiles...Your blogs makes me smile...enjoy yourselves!!!

Doll (& Capt'n too)

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I follow you VIA GFC and I love your blog!


Thank you for the kind words regarding my blog. May I ask, what is GFC? The handbag site is excellent!


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