A Tale of a Great Haul-Out at IGY Marina in Rodney Bay
Raising the Waterline–A Lesson Learned

St. Lucia, Beautiful St. Lucia

The first week and a half we spent in St. Lucia was focused on boat work, particularly the haul out. Fortunately, we stayed in St. Lucia for nearly two weeks after the haul-out, enjoying Rodney Bay, a bus-ride to the market in Castries, and four days in the small harbor at  Marigot Bay. Here is a photo essay (with pithy captions) of our visit in St. Lucia.

Dinner on Pigeon Island 6-13-2011 3-21-51 PM


We ate (drank) at the restaurant on Pigeon Island a number of times during our stay, beginning the first night we checked in. This is a mango/rum drink and that is La Luna in the background. Lovely spot, good food, good prices and great jazz on Sunday nights. La Luna off Pigeon Island 6-13-2011 3-23-19 PM


To the right is La Luna from a better vantage point. We love this boat.






Pigeon Island 6-13-2011 9-28-25 AM

Here’s a shot of Pigeon Island from La Luna. If you look closely you can see the red Flamboyant blossoms. The season just started when we arrived mid-June.

After we went back in the water, we scheduled a day to hike the two pitons at Pigeon Point. The one pictured at left is the taller of the two. Vicky and Bob from S/V FoxSea are always interested in/arranging fun excursions and we enjoy spending time with them, so we picked a slightly cloudy (cooler) day for the hike. By this time, the flamboyant trees were – well – flamboyant.











st. Lucia flamboyant tree close 6-28-2011 12-18-52 PM

st.Lucia flamboyant tree wide 6-28-2011 12-20-14 PM









St. Lucia view from walk 6-28-2011 12-21-38 PM 

Here’s the view from the top. And here’s EW and the Officiant Bag at the top. Officient Bag and EW Pigeon Island 6-28-2011 12-53-20 PM(More about those shorts/swim trunks later.






Stl Lucia path 6-28-2011 12-15-57 PM

I just love this path – the walk up the larger hill was not like this, but it wasn’t horrible, either.





At right, are Bob, Vicky, me and EW on the top of Pigeon Island’s highest peak. Our boats are somewhere behind us.




St. Lucia with EW and Cannon 6-28-2011 1-54-04 PM


Since we had conquered the highest peak, we certainly had to climb the short one with the fort.


Remember the flamboyant trees? Here’s a reminder:





And here it is …

Flamboyant trees and flamboyant EW.  St. Lucia Flamboyant shorts 6-28-2011 2-01-53 PM

We all wore swim suits because the day included a swim and snorkel after the hike. EW chose trunks to match the environment. Well played, EW.


One Saturday, EW and I took the bus to Castries for the market. While in town we ate at the Caribbean Pirate Restaurant where Robbie Skeet makes great rotis. He’s also a nice guy. P7020007

Be careful of the hot sauce, though. It comes out fast and it’s really, really hot.

St. Lucia Robby the chef 7-2-2011 1-15-29 PM

                                                     So’s Robbie.

St. Lucia. things you don't see in Maine bank 6-25-2011 10-06-39 AM

John and Dora finally caught up with us in Rodney Bay and we enjoyed showing them around. All of us were tickled by this sign - - which means exactly what it says. You don’t see that in Maine.


St. Lucia fishing boats on shore 7-2-2011 2-54-56 PM



Here are fishing boats on shore in Rodney Bay.





P7060031Once John and Dora had explored Rodney Bay, we sailed to Marigot for a few days, where we took moorings. Here’s the view off of our stern. Now that’s Caribbean!


Dora and I walked (nearly straight up) one hot day. Here’s the view of Marigot Bay and our boats.


One of my favorite St. Lucia photos, seen on the walk with Dora. P7070028




And finally, this is simply a crack in the road. Fitting as I took this the day after our 26th wedding anniversary. The Harts thank you St. Lucia.  We’ll be back!


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Peter Olympia

Stew/Barbara---continue to read with great interest--hope all is well. Tell me about your navigation software, wind generator and how you like your Honda (model??)---can you charge directly with the Honda?? I was told that you can burn out your charger/batteries--Let me know Peter


Hi Peter. I think EW sent you an email. I'm not the technical guru aboard La Luna, but I know that we have a Honda 2000 and it charges the batteries and provides "shore" power when running. I love that. EW likes the fact that we no longer have to run the engine on anchor to charge the batteries. That is evidently a bad thing. We both like it that we don't have to schedule a couple of days on a dock just to bring the batteries up. Life is good with a Honda 2000.

st lucia weddings

Great tour of St Lucia, now how can anyone not want to visit this beautiful island that has so much to do there and such beautiful and breath-taking sites. Enjoyed the visit that you shared.

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