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Snorkeling at Isles Des Saintes Cliff 6-3-2011 1-04-05 PM

EW and I went snorkeling at Pane De Sucre off Isles des Saintes today. We anchored the dinghy in the cove around to the right of this cliff and snorkeled back under the cliff. Huge boulders littered the bottom and were decorated with many types of coral.

We saw Parrotfish and angel fish and needle fish and coral that looked like lace and vases and antlers. It was a wonderful afternoon. At the end, I wanted to get a bit of exercise so I swam with vigor across the bay to the dinghy, still wearing the mask and snorkel and gazing at the bottom.

A pair of fish stopped me cold. I popped up and called for EW. "Come here!" I said as I waved my fingers to emphasize the message. He swam over and pointed to the fish who were feeding on the bottom in grass.

We watched them for about 15 minutes. They would close their fins and narrow their bodies, then spread their pectorals and awe us. Back at the boat, it took me an hour to find out what they were, a type of Searobin Fish. Here's one from underneath. We didn't see this view of the searobin

Evidently one can eat them. If one can catch them. If one does, he'll have to clean it. 




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