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Life On-the-Hard in St. Lucia

Au Revoir Isles Des Saintes

On Saturday morning, June 11th, We have left Guadeloupe for St. Lucia, a trip that will take 24 – 36 hours depending on the wind. It was difficult for us to leave Guadeloupe and this island. They have a remarkably easy check –in and check-out process, but the beauty of the islands and the nature of the people make it hard to leave. Here are photos from Terre-De-Haut, the largest of the lady saints:


Isles des Saintes Old and New 6-6-2011 7-52-26 AM



I love the blend of old and new here. This country – and this island in particular – are conscious of our environment. They have few cars here, most walk or use scooters or bikes. They recycle. They use solar power to heat their water. S





The fishermen use newer styled boats but paint them in bright colors. They wear swimsuits to work.  Well, some of them do, sometimes. These gentlemen had just delivered a catch to the local fish market. I purchased outstanding fresh tuna and enjoyed the view. Note, they had to leap over the side and carry the tubs of fish up to shore, that’s why they wore the suits. Most fishermen looked like the gentleman below.

IDS fisherman at Gas Station 2 6-7-2011 2-20-57 PM

He was getting his hooks ready for the next day.




Isles des Saintes Foy 1 6-6-2011 8-19-27 AM


Traditionally, they sailed and fished in boats similar to this one. Now these are built for racing. This one is in Alain Foy’s shop. The man is an artist.


isles des saintes foy 5 6-6-2011 8-20-51 AM




This boat is a blend of old and new. Note the hiking straps. This is a serious racing boat.




Isles des Saintes Breakfast 6-6-2011 7-32-36 AM



EW and I went to breakfast one morning. We should have gotten one sandwich and split it. They were delicious.

While we ate I “talked” with an older woman at another table. Neither of us spoke the other’s language but we did communicate. She pointed out that this pretty cat had eyes of a different color. IDS Cat in Bakery 6-6-2011 7-23-51 AM 6-6-2011 7-23-51 AM





After breakfast, we walked it off and enjoyed the sights northwest of town.

Isles des Saintes Pasture 6-6-2011 7-58-46 AM





Chickens, and goats and cattle – all in the same field. We heard that someone from a local bakery stops by this field on their way home with stale bread.

We missed the hand-off but I did see the goats and chickens munching on a few half loaves when I went past one afternoon.



Isles des Saintes Roofs 6-6-2011 7-50-31 AM

Isles des Saintes View over foilage 6-6-2011 7-51-42 AM



I loved the view from the hills as we were leaving the town.





Isles des Saintes Fan Palm 6-6-2011 7-57-52 AM

Isles des Saintes Colorful Homes 6-6-2011 8-06-34 AM

And I love their colorful homes.

On the right we have a blue home with violet shutters next to a lime green home with a red roof. Both beautiful.




IDS Pelicans 6-8-2011 10-06-10 AMEW and I – particularly EW – love to watch the pelicans. I was able to get up close and personal with these two. The beauty of their feathers surprised me. The back of their necks is a deep chocolate brown


. IDS Boatyard goat 6-7-2011 1-58-30 PMThis is a boatyard goat. There was a group of them at the yard that sells the gas. This little guy is nosing around the railway.





Isles des Saintes boatyard Chicken 6-6-2011 8-21-03 AM




This is a boatyard chicken located in Alain Foy’s wood shop.


We didn’t see any boatyard dogs, but saw a lot of much loved town dogs. This one belongs to an artist. We rubbed his belly – the dog’s not the artist’s.

IDS  white dog 6-4-2011 9-42-33 AM 6-4-2011 9-42-33 AM 6-4-2011 9-42-33 AM






Guadeloupe and Isles des Saintes. Je l’aime ici.



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Beautiful pictures! the house colors remind me of Bermuda. I don't mind the swimsuits at all. lol


Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it. News about my most recent haircut later on. I have decided that I can't live full time where the houses are painted in drab colors. I love this!

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