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Girlfriends 7-10-2010 6-02-11 AM


“We’ve got to talk.” That was the subject line in an email I sent to a dear friend, today.  She’s a busy woman, and I wanted to set up a time when I could call her via SKYPE. I’d been getting some news about her life via her daughter’s Facebook updates and passed on from EW who exchanges emails with my friend’s husband.  My friend and I were college roommates freshman year and have remained friends for life, so we are absolutely thrilled that our husbands get along, but I’d like to hear some of the news first-hand. Plus, when we talk, I get more information such as the rest of the story, things the guys don’t consider important.

Being a Dear Friend Forever she immediately emailed and said, “I know! We do have to talk.” and gave me times she’d be near a phone over the next few days.  But she also said, “I’m reading the blog so I feel we’re in touch ”  We get that a lot. When in the company of our friends and family we have been known to listen and ask questions. We enjoy talking with people – not to people.

Friends and family read the blog and know where we are and how we’re doing, so they feel connected.  “Favorite”, AKA Mo, EW’s son and my wonderful bonus son has evidently been very busy and recently sent an email telling us that he owes us an email. We knew that. If he weren’t able to read about us on the blog and know we were doing just fine, he’d be in touch more. He’s satisfied that we’re safe and happy, and we believe that he is as well and we know that he has had a very busy six months.

So what’s my point? If it weren’t for the blog, I think more Dear Friends and Family would email us more, because the best way to find out about someone else is to send a bit of news about yourself and ask them what’s up. I truly want to know. I’m starved for information, dying to know what’s going on, thirsty for a gab fest. Can we talk? If not, comment on the post or better yet, send me an email. What’s happening in your life? How did finals go? How’s the new job/recovery from surgery/move? How are things? How’s the dog? Any new baby photos? Where are you going on vacation? How’s the new employee working out?

I suspect other travelers, whether by boat, RV, or plane, have the same issue. We all want to hear from those we love and care for. You know how things are with us – heck the whole world could know if they wanted to. We’d like to know how things are with you. We’ve got to talk.


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Willy LaBrie

Barb, I am usually trying to write to you late at night when I can't call my techno "kids" for help! We are just great, enjoying helping the girls with horses and new floor at R L's. It will be a beautiful hardwood.
I have been painting the upstairs bathroom, and the inside of the kitchen cupboards. We hired someone to spray paint the cupboard doors and fronts.This is a good reason to eat out a lot as the kitchen looks like a bomb hit. R C the cat is sitting in my lap so typing is a challange but she is such a love that I won't insist that she move!
We enjoy your blogs very much and I will answer them more.


Thank you, Willy. You've actually been better than most folks! :) I love hearing about your travels, the "girls" and the horses. EW and I've already talked about a few days at the lake with you. The kitchen re-do sounds great. I remember those days - lot of Burger King consumed when the kitchen was torn apart. Just so you know, if you want to keep messages private you can email me at the gmail address. Love to all, Barb

Timberland Footwear

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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