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Postcards from Antigua

Good morning!  We leave Antigua for Guadalupe today, as we start to head south for hurricane season. While in Antigua, EW and I took 4 of the 5 hikes available out of English Harbor. This is a beautiful island country.

Barb Overlooking English Harbor 5-5-2011 9-30-26 AM

We hiked from English Harbor to Falmouth Harbor along a shore trail. The point behind me is the entrance to English Harbor. One of those boats out there is ours.








Blooming Cactus from Afar 5-5-2011 9-18-37 AMWhen our friend Amy visited, she noticed a yellow bloom on the distant hillsides, and was interested in seeing one up close. She would love the hikes we took in English Harbor for many reasons. I took about 20 photos of the plant in her honor, so Amy – these are for you!


Blooming Cactus Again 5-5-2011 9-27-05 AM




  Here’s a close up of the flower. These are Agave plants or century plants. They look like a giant aloe near the ground and only bloom once – then they die.







Blooming Cactus 1 5-5-2011 9-13-21 AM



Here’s a whole agave plant, nearing the end.








Officient Bag with Blooming Cactus 5-5-2011 9-27-47 AM




And of course, here is the Officiant Bag with a young Agave bloom.








We saw beautiful boats in English and Falmouth Harbors …


Classic Boats in English Harbor 5-5-2011 9-17-11 AMand others that were interesting.


Zebra Boat Antigua 5-5-2011 9-09-36 AM














EW Enjoying English Harbor 5-5-2011 9-26-06 AM



In case you are wondering, EW is having a good time.







I love the colors of Antigua.

Flowering Shrub 5-7-2011 2-55-50 PM








                                      Heck .. I just love Antigua. We’ll be back next year.




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E. Roberts

It has been 2 years since I was in Antigua and that zebra looking boat was in English harbour when we were there.


Now that we've left English Harbor I found out the captain of the zebra boat makes lovely jewelry. A lot of people stay in English Harbor.

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I follow you VIA GFC and I love your blog!


Thank you for the kind words!

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