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Walking through Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbor last week, we ran into a cruising couple we’d first met at the Seven Seas Cruising Association Gam in Maine. We’d seen them again in Georgetown, and now we’re both heading south for hurricane season. They were anchored in Falmouth Harbor and let us know that cruising friends of theirs were anchored near us in English Harbor. We all met up in Guadeloupe on Sunday and FoxSea invited the crews of La Luna and Celebration over “for drinks” last night.

We immediately accepted, and I offered to bring an appetizer of some sort. As EW and I were getting ready to head over in our dinghy, I asked him, “What do we do about drinks? When we met those cruisers in Nassau, they brought their own to the gathering.” “I remember that,” EW said. “I’m not sure what’s the right thing to do.” We decided to waffle. The food went into the Officiant bag and mixings for Cuba Libras went into the red tote bag. EW asked me to, “Bring the topic up for discussion, tonight.”

When we got on board FoxSea, the crew of Celebration was in the cockpit, clearly drinking from traveling mugs. “Hand up the red bag, please, Stew.” As I made our drinks (with ice and glasses from FoxSea) I told them of our discussion.

Vicky and Bob have been active in the SSCA for years and she told me that long distance cruisers have a system. “When invited to drinks, brink your own drink and a food to share and take your garbage with you when you leave.”  This makes sense and allows us to gather more often, and in greater numbers, without causing a burden on any cruiser. We had a great evening and got to know and enjoy these four people who will be our neighbors this summer – and we learned more about how to be good neighbors in this new lifestyle.

Just so you know that we contributed to their knowledge base, Lynn from Celebration asked about my laundry blog post and how the ammonia works. Vicky provided the testimony as she had washed two loads “"my” way that morning. “It works great!” she said.

I love cruising.


  The view from FoxSea’s port side: north shore of Deshaies Harbor, Guadeloupe.


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This is the ideal occasion to bring out one's tin mug from Pusser's.


You are absolutely correct. Do they come with lids? (The dinghy ride can be bouncy.)

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Very, very nicely done!

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