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Bahamas Spam, North of Georgetown

When I posted an article about the improved cover under the settee where I have provisions, one sharp (and funny) reader noted that we had a can of Spam. It is not to eat, I assure you. We also had a can of Vienna Sausages, but I tried one and threw the rest away. 

A Spam 2-27-2011 11-09-38 AM


Someone must eat the stuff as the store in Georgetown not only carried Spam, but carried varieties  of Spam. Does anyone really believe that fake cheese will make fake ham taste better?

It did give me an idea. I have photos and stories from the Bahamas and Luperon that you haven’t seen. So this is the first in a series of “Spam”  posts. Bits of information jumbled together to make an appetizing post – hopefully more appetizing than Spam or Vienna Sausages.



P1280024 When we left Nassau, we stopped first at Rose Island and loved the harbor and the surrounding area, and was delighted to find a hammock on the beach.

After A EW Watching for Ink Spots  1-29-2011 2-42-59 PM staying two nights we made our way across the Yellow Banks to Highbourne Cay. While crossing the Yellow Banks, one looks for what Aimee calls “black ink spots” coral heads that should be avoided at all costs. Despite the Yellow Bank name, the heads do look like ink spots and are really quite easy to see. EW had black ink spot watch while I drove the boat. The higher one is, the better he or she can see the ink spots, the sun should be over head or slightly behind you and you need a clear day. The articles and directions made me nervous, but we had no problems with the Yellow Banks.


A Aimee and David at Norman's Cay 2-2-2011 2-13-46 PM




As was discussed in an article about fishing, our buddy boating friends, Aimee and Dave were much more successful conching than we were. Here, Dave shows his excellent entry technique, heading down into 12 – 15 feet of water to hustle up some conch for dinner.



A Wreck at Norman's Cay 2 2-2-2011 2-48-38 PM




A significant feature at Norman’s Cay is the plane wreck, we surmise that it was a drug delivery gone bad. While others dove on it, you can see that she’s easy to view from the dinghy at low tide.




P2070093 P2070094

I have too many photos of flowering bushes, but simply find them too beautiful to resist – particularly with sand and water in the background, and when I knew it was once again snowing in Maine. This was an indication to me that we were really in the Bahamas.

Finally, a shot of La Luna from the bath hill at Shroud Cay. She looks happy here, doesn’t she?

A La Luna at Shroud Cay 2-3-2011 5-58-06 PM


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Howie Hart

Your mother-in-law, whom you admired as a great cook, used to feed us fried Spam sandwiches for dinner at times.

Barbara Hart

She was an excellent cook and she never once fed me Spam. Clearly she loved me more. :)

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