Family Time
Family Time for the Harts at Sea at St. Thomas USVI – Part One

Back on Line in Antigua

After a week in St. Thomas with family and a motor to Antigua, I have stories and photos to share -- but first, an apology for my recent silence. For the most part it can be attributed to having too much fun with family in Antigua -- the first Hart family members we've seen since Florida. EW's sister flew down and stayed with their cousins who have a home in St. Thomas. We toured, we snorkeled, we ate way too much as both Jeff and Barb (Barb Hart the First) are great cooks. We had some trouble getting Internet access and I ceded the little time we had on-line to EW who was listing and "showing" boats. Excuses esc uses.

It looks like Internet access will be better in Antigua, and though we will have a guest on board I pledge to post early and often this week. This post is going up on the SSB, so no photos now. Stay tuned.

We are at N 17 04.521' and W 61 53.811 - the farthest East I've been in my life. (We had flown to St. Thomas a number of years ago.) On the way from St. Thomas, we had a leisurely view of Saba, which has been moved up on my sailing bucket list, and as we sit here on anchor we can watch the smoke rise from the active volcano on Montserrat. We are cruising. With friend Amy flying in on Friday, we are planning a week of sailing and touring and hope to get to Barbuda an island just north of Antigua. We will also travel around Antigua by boat, snorkel, hike, and eat good food.

For those of you glued to the weather channel and this early tropical depression, It is already north of us and should cause no problems for us at all. We will not experience a hurricane this week. I repeat, we will not experience a hurricane this week. I hope this alleviates your fears.

One sad note (particularly for me) The iPhone was once again toggled to "Airplane" mode when we left St. Thomas. I Tweeted into the night during my nine to midnight watch before sadly switching it off. It was wonderful to be able to talk with loved ones (and wish my sister a "Happy Birthday") while we had the phone from Puerto Rico through St. Thomas. Now, back to SSB, Wifi, and VHF for local conversations. If I were a rich woman, I'd have unlimited AT&T all over the world, but as this is really my only complaint, I know that EW and I are very, very fortunate to be in Antigua on La Luna. Happy here, very happy here.


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E. Roberts

Since you are in Antigua you MUST go to Shirley Heights on Sunday evening for the best party, food & music. Anchor in English Harbor and take the taxi. It is worth the trip. We have chartered there 4 or 5 times in the 5 years and have enjoyed it each time. We stopped at Monsarate for a day. Also a very neat place. Enjoy!!!

Barbara Hart

We'll add it to the possibles! We cleared in Jolly Harbor and left there this afternoon for St. John as we are picking up a friend at the airport tonight. We'll let her pick some of the week's sailing -- should be a great week!

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