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 We’re having an adventure. I knew that, but have thought of this as such a change of our lives that the “adventure for two” aspect of this lifestyle hadn’t really occurred to me until recently. As with many new insights, this one came with a a couple of figurative slaps upside the head. A number of loving souls responded to Tuesday’s post with reminders that our purpose we may be to share our adventures with others. That’s a good purpose and I’m proud they believe it’s a worthy one. Then, we spent time with a couple from Maine  here in Puerto Rico, who also used the word “adventure”.

I must digress here. Maine is a tiny state. How tiny is it? When we lived on the dock in South Magus  4-8-2011 10-11-26 AM Portland one of our neighbors was a young couple, and we quickly figured out that EW had known Travis’ late father and Sophie’s mom and I were Twitter friends. Last week, Travis sent an email telling us that Sophie’s parents were on their way from the Virgin Islands back to their home port in Salinas.  We told him we’d keep an eye out and  two days later, Jenny and Albert picked up their mooring – just a few hundred yards west of where we had anchored. 

So, while in Salinas we had dinner and wine with Jenny and Albert from Maine.  Jenny asked how long we had been married (nearly 26 years) and said, “You are having such an adventure. Don’t you think it’s important for married couples to share an adventure?” Well, yes it is. We are having an adventure and it is making all the difference.

Barb in first grade I am not an adventurous person. When young (and sometimes now) I worried about “getting caught” and was frankly a “goody-two-shoes”. (This is my mom’s phrase and I know what it means but I’m way too young to know where it came from.) Seriously, my prior adventures including climbing Mt. Katahdin – something 10-year-olds can do – and sneaking into Fort Knox in Belfast Maine at night while in college. (I thought that was a rush – really – I was so proud of that.  I can be very boring.) 




EW, on the other hand, snuck into Fort Niagara, climbing hand over hand up a stone wall. That may actually be one of his lesser adventures, most of which I can’t talk about on this blog.  I can’t even tell the rest of the Fort Niagara story, here. Let’s just say we probably wouldn’t have dated in high school.  Luckily, by the time we met, I was mature enough to recognize my soul mate – even if I was still getting my hair permed.



Now, we’re having an adventure that I can share it with anyone who reads this blog. In the process, I’m discovering more about myself and about the man I married, we’ve become stronger as a couple, fight less, relax more, and are good Euchre partners. Some of those who read this blog will simply enjoy our stories, others may decide to seek their own adventure, still, others may already be on an adventure and use this blog to get ideas and tips. We like to tell our stories and love to listen to other sailors and travelers share their stories. Sharing your adventure is a service to others, so whether you’re on a boat, in an RV or traveling the world, please share your adventure, particularly if you’re adventurous as a couple.  Let us know where you are and please provide a link to your blog, if you have one. Consider it part of your purpose. That works for me. 


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Darleen Najera

I love these pics of you guys, stinking cute. Nice perm. :)

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