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Why the Cruising Lifestyle is Like Being in a Three-Legged Race

This life obviously agrees with EW, he looks great, he’s lost weight and I’ve given him a new hair cut. On the other hand, I need a haircut and while I haven’t gained back the weight I lost coming down the U.S. Coast, I haven’t lost any more and would like to get rid of 10 to 15 pounds. In order for me to lose weight, I need to exercise so I’m trying to get into a routine of sorts when we are on anchor. It isn’t working. On Monday I rowed ashore and participated in a yoga class. This morning, I had planned to go ashore and have a real exercise walk before it got too hot. I love to walk and walk fast for exercise; it’s a form of meditation for me. EW likes to walk at a normal pace and seems physically unable to walk fast. He walks, he climbs, or he jogs.

Even so, I asked him whether he wanted to join me on my planned Tuesday walk. Yes, he did. This morning I got up at 6:30, caught two weather nets and was about to get ready to jump in the dinghy when I realized he had made coffee, heated tea water and wanted toast and peanut butter before walking. Then we had to get the propane tanks ready for Papo to pick them up for refilling. Then EW thought we may have a shower and suggested that we wait a bit, and run the engine to charge the batteries. Soon it was 10:30 and too hot to go for a fast walk. I was not pleased.

When you are living on a boat at anchor, you are basically joined at the hip, and there’s a fine balance between meeting my needs and being a bitch. EW likes to walk with me and I like to walk with him, but I need  to get some exercise. Not only did I not get any exercise, but when we went to town we went to the bakery and then got lunch at Steve’s. This is not conducive to losing weight, and it doesn’t get me the exercise rush I need. So, new plan. I’m going in early for Yoga tomorrow and will take a 45 minute walk. EW will listen to the weather and the Luperon Cruisers’ Net. Then we’ll get on with our day together. That should work. Of course this “routine” will last only as long as we are in Luperon –about another week—then it’s off for the next stop and a new routine.

That is why the cruising lifestyle is like being in a three-legged race.

Post Script. I wasn't able to publish this yesterday (Tuesday, when I should have), so am able to give this update. Regarding Yoga this AM, I overslept. So EW offered to go for a walk with me. We did a one hour loop and for some of it I "sprinted" ahead and returned back. It rained. I feel great! (EW wanted to take cover in the rain, and I said he was welcome to but I was not going to do so. We got damp. He didn't melt.


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