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Oh Hum. Traveling by Sailboat – Take Two


That's what I've been posting lately. Nada. 

Drat! I did, of course keep each blank (polar bear in snow -- worry about nothing) post and will get them up - with photos ASAP.  

Emailing posts worked great from the iPhone and Blackberry. Evidently TypePad only liked the titles sent through the SSB email system and not the posts. I felt so virtuous, writing and posting while at sea. I am much happier when I'm connected to the outside world in some fashion. I sent emails to friends and family -- and got responses back. We listened to NPR. I (thought I had) posted on the blog. All of which made me feel closer to all of you. You who willingly and repeatedly checked my blog to find yet another title with no post. Argh!

We are in Luperon. We like it. We are using our tiny bit of Spanish on each other and with the (mostly) patient locals. There is a very relaxed cruising net here and a number of sailors who have built or are building homes here. Some gave up the sailing life and built a business. It creates an interesting mix of folks. The best butcher (with good and clean meat) is Guido. Guido is a musician. Guido is French (or Franco-Canadian). His English and Spanish are slightly better than our Spanish so communicating with Guido makes for an interesting shopping trip. 

Yesterday, we wandered around the town and found some places, including Steve's restaurant, open. P3130006  Steve sold his boat in 1993 and built a nice open air restaurant, half a level up from the street and out of the dust. He has a small pool and showers out back and also does laundry for cruisers. Here is our Sunday lunch. It cost D.R. $330 -- or about $9.00 U.S. I had fish and EW and fried chicken. Some of the best fries I've ever had.




Obviously if we are going to eat lunch like that, I have to exercise. On Mondays and Wednesdays one of the cruisers leads a yoga session at the Yacht Club, a restaurant, bar and pool a short dinghy ride from where La Luna is anchored. It was the best view I've had for yoga, and a great yoga workout. P3140010 Tomorrow EW and I will walk up the hill from a nearby boatyard, look at some of the homes and head down to the beach. We may take a day and do some sightseeing. We'll definitely have lunch in town on Wednesday with the "Ice Fishing Club" a group that gets together to share experiences and tips. 

The best Piscadero is also a lovely restaurant. We haven't eaten there yet, but we bought some frozen fish. (Watch for a blog post about EW and fishing. I'll be a good one.) The owner speaks no English but Tony hangs out there to translate. Tony is flamboyant with dyed blond locks, a short tee shirt, and large blue earings. I like Tony. 

This morning (when the camera was on the boat charging) a pair of goats wandered onto the main drag. I turned to EW and said, "Goats do Roam". The main drag is dusty, most businesses are located in the front of their homes, and nearly every store provides excellent customer service. We haven't yet found the bakery but got better directions today from Guido (lots of hand signals) and the admonition that the bakery was closed until 2:30 -- siesta. No bread today.


Thank you for your patience (and funny comments) regarding the blank posts. I'll figure it out. Promise.


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E. Roberts

Funny how some of the best restaurants with fantastic food are places back home you wouldn't give a second glance. Mom & pop places are the best. Enjoy and keep up the posts. They are getting me through the Buffalo winter. Perhaps one day I will meet you guys thru Jim N.

Fran Brann

Glad to know you are well. As I only got the Worry part and assumed you had something for me to worry about and that I wasn't techno-savvy enough to read your blog. You will figure it out and as long as I see one word will know you are getting through to us. Keep enjoying and know we are following along.
Enjoy the sun. It is sunny here but 17 this AM.

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