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Haircuts at Sea

When we set sail, EW was going to grow his hair and have a (masculine) pony tail, and he was going to cut my hair.

This falls under the “best laid plans” category of events.

EW has wonderful hair. Thick, wavy, silver. Hairstylists love his hair. When we met he had a nothing cut – over the years (and I do mean years) I finally got him to leave the barber for a men’s salon that a friend recommended,  Ray Michaud in Portland – a man’s man with a simple masculine shop in on Free Street. He gave EW a great, easy to maintain cut and (gasp!) EW would even blow it dry when we were getting dressed up. (Shhhh. Don’t tell him I told you.)

We both thought he’d enjoy long hair and I thought he’d look sexy with a silver pony tail.

Not so much – though it never did get long enough to tie back. The longer it got, the straighter it got. He grew weird wings over his ears and the front got in the way snorkeling. Finally, I offered to cut his hair. No, I don’t know how to cut hair, but we had purchase the appropriate scissors before leaving the states, and EW is a brave man. Since I liked running my my fingers through the longer waves I wanted to try a cut that would allow some length in back while keeping it out of his eyes and getting rid of the wings.

We were warned repeatedly to cut the hair on shore – not on the boat, so he ended up sitting on the rocks in  Hairstylin' 3-3-2011 8-15-59 PM Conception Cay. Our friend (and a real photo-journalist) Eleanor Marriot from S/Y Amandla took a couple of action shots for us. I’m sure I’ll get better with practice, but we are both happy with the results, and I’m now EW’s hairstylist.






DSC_0037 So far, so good. (See how long and unruly my hair is?)


Finished and Still Handsome 3-3-2011 8-32-35 PM Finished and still handsome!


Despite this success, EW was not anxious to return the favor, even though I had already absolved him of any blame if things went wrong. My wonderful stylist in Maine, Darlene Nejera, had offered to teach EW how to cut my hair, but he didn’t jump at the opportunity and she’s been waiting to see the results for months now.  When EW and I met Anna, who has a salon chair on her porch, he was delighted to step aside and encouraged me to book an appointment. Since Anna has worked in a salon at a nearby resort and, as her cousin Tony said, “Cut many foreigners’ hair,” I agreed. (My hair is very, very straight and I have had some horrible cuts, and hated leaving Darlene – who is wonderful.)

I last visited Darlene’s shop in September. In Jacksonville Cathy took me to a walk in salon and I got a cut – no wash and blow-dry, but it was a very good cut. It’s now March and my hair was too long and driving me to distraction. We had taken the laptop in for our dinner/hair cut with Anna and I showed her a photo taken after the cut in Florida, so she could see the length I wanted. Tony translated my requests and she seemed to understand, so off we went to the salon chair. First, Anna washed my hair. Since there isn’t running water on the porch, she filled a bucket with water from the Cold Water Wash 3-21-2011 10-19-18 AM cistern and dipped it over my head, saying “Es frio, Bar-Bar-Ah.” It was a bit frio. I only whimpered a little.

She washed my hair, massaging my scalp, and used a conditioner with a tropical aroma. It was wonderful, and I got used to the frio part. (Darlene will smile as I was always quick to point out when the temperature was too hot or cold.) After a towel dry, Anna moved me to the plastic lawn chair for the cut.  I could tell she was cutting the back a bit shorter than I'd had recently, but I decided to go with the flow. It couldn't be worse than what EW would do, right? After the cut, she got out round brushes and a blow drier -- heaven. My first professional styling since September.First blowdry in months 3-21-2011 10-35-02 AM


It’s a great cut. I’m recommending Anna to all the cruisers. EW feels as though he dodged a bullet and I’m delighted.

New Haircut


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I love it! You look rested, tan and beautiful my friend. I finally got a 'real' cut (and color... but don't tell anyone) about 3 weeks ago. It was wonderful! Unfortunately it was 3 weeks ago. Funny how that happens. ;) Miss you.

Kathy Malon

You look fabulous!The sailing life agrees with you.


It looks great and so do you! I have missed reading your blogs as we are in Florida, Celebration then Kissimmee and Sam will be with us next week can't wait! Then home all toooo soon! 85degrees is so nice.

Darleen Najera

Wow I love it! Beautiful cut Barb. Yeah!! When you said she was getting out the round brushes I was getting excited for you. Yes some pretty volume. You look lovley dear. xo Darleen
Oh, and you did a good job on stew as well.

Best Hair Salon Australia

i love the hair! you look so pretty with your hair. so how do you take care of it? do you use all natural or prefer having a hair expert check it. stay pretty.:)


Thank you to the folks from Australia! Except for finding someone to cut it when I'm able -- usually a long time between cuts -- I take care of it myself. Grocery store shampoo. I have very healthy hair and a lot of it, so I'm very lucky. I got perms for 20 years, and don't miss them at all. LOL.

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