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EW, A Good Sport and A Great Topic

If you read yesterday’s post, please be advised that I showed it to EW prior to publishing and he laughed. I married a good sport – and a great topic.

When I started on Twitter, I would frequently mention Stew (first as DH and then as EW). He would meet folks on Twitter who knew way more about him than he knew about them and he (mostly) laughed it off. When I got more serious (or at least regular) with the blog, his adventures were detailed in greater fashion.

From the beginning he has called himself “The Topic”. In fact, he would attend Meet-Ups or other networking events, follow behind me, and introduce himself thusly, “Hi, I’m the Topic.”

So why is he EW?

Well, his first name is Stewart, so he spells his name with an EW. When we were living aboard year-round in South Portland the local news media would call to ask us to interview for a human interest story. They were bored, we lived on a boat on the dock in a Maine winter, and EW was a yacht broker. I thought (and still do) that being a live aboard broker carries a certain amount of credibility so one of the reasons I’d agree (other than I like being in the limelight) was to provide EW with some publicity.

That works if they spell his name right.

One year, a local paper called us “The Hearts” all the way through their piece and I was not amused.

Shortly afterward, another journalist called for an interview and I wanted to make sure that he got the name right. When I mentioned Stewart, I said, “He spells his name with an EW; he’s an EW Stewart Hart (H A R T). I may (probably) (certainly) said it a few times. I was insistent.

When the article was published I brought it home to Stew and handed it to him with a wince. “Why did they call me that?” he asked.

“I think I was too insistent when I told him how to spell your name.” I said. He got it right away.

The entire article referred to him as “E.W. Stewart Hart”, as in:

  • E.W. Stewart Hart is a Yacht Broker ….
  • E.W. Stewart Hart said, “….”
  • E.W. Stewart Hart --- well you get the idea.

Since I had been trying not to “out” him totally on Twitter, I had been resorting to the universal “DH” for "darling husband". After the news article, he became EW.

He’s a good sport. I have met sailors who are not and sailors who don’t really have a sense of humor. (Those people occur everywhere, poor things.) I could not sail with one. This life is too challenging and we are too close together to get through this without laughing. I wouldn’t try.

EW is my perfect mate – and was even before he was EW.


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So EW is actually your DH, which doesn't stand for designated hitter, at least not all the time.

Jimmy Nixon

He's Stew in the winter and Don in the summer.


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