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When to Say "Thank-you"

In this new lifestyle, EW and I are together almost 24/7/365, often with no one else around.  We love each other and we like each other, but that much togetherness is bound to create some stress. We started getting short with each other more often than was necessary. (I’m not sure how much is necessary, but that’s another post.)

We have a friend who meets a lot of very different people in his career and never wants to appear judgmental. His favorite word is “Amazing.” When Lee says “Amazing,” it could mean “wonderful” or “you’re full of it”, but that isn’t important.

A couple of weeks ago, I realized that I was overusing one phrase that could not be perceived as non-judgmental, “I know!”  Depending on the circumstance, that could mean, “Leave me alone,” “I was just going to do that,” or “I’ve done this every day for two years and know what’s needed,” or “We talked about this yesterday and I know what we are doing.”  “I know!” really mean’s “Shut up”, and we don’t ever say that to each other. 

So, I decided to work to banish “I know!” from my vocabulary and sought a replacement that works as effectively as Lee’s  use of “amazing”. Instead of “I know!” I answer with a soft and pleasant “Thank you.”


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Mike Laurence

At sea or ashore... a great idea. "I know" that I need to practice that! Thank you :-))

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