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Things EW Has to Put Up With

I purchased swim goggles to take the Total Immersion Swimming Class. I washed them, fitted the nose piece and enjoyed two lessons. After the second lesson I washed them and left them on the counter to dry, then went off in the dinghy to Georgetown.

Upon my return EW listened to me spout stories of meeting folks from Bryant Pond, rescuing a dinghy, and choosing vegetables. I live an exciting life – at least in my own mind. When I finally wound down, he said, “Put your glasses on. I have something exciting to show you.”

So I did, and he handed me my swim goggles.



If you can’t read it – the words say: Protective Film. Remove Before Using.


EW had a good laugh.


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Jerry Dumouchel (brother in-law to Barb & EW)

i had a good laugh to sis, sounded like me

E. Roberts

If you don't have a sense of humor, what do you have? I laughed out loud.

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