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The Cyber Cafe at Georgetown

As faithful readers know, getting Internet in the Bahamas has been a challenge – made even more difficult by problems with my laptop’s faulty USB port. In Georgetown, we heard about J & K Production, The Computer Experts. Julius and Krystal, husband and wife and parents of three, have set up their business in a brightly painted cement shack.

For $5.00 a day or $15.00 a week, cruisers can sit in lawn chairs at a simple plywood bench and plug into a P2170164 surge protection/power source, and get on-line. Tall folk, including me, should duck when entering. Candy, sod, and juice are available in the fridge and Julius sells some computer devices and is able to do some repairs. Here’s Sarah – a cruiser from Maryland, who lived for a time in Fort Kent Maine!

Frankly, it’s a hoot. Most fun I’ve had getting on-line since we arrived in the Bahamas. One day next week, I’ll spend time getting real work done on the laptop. I’ve had the opportunity to email back and forth with friends and family, met cruisers and locals who are J & K customers – the locals always call out a general “Good Afternoon” or “Good Morning” when they enter.

Julius has reasonable prices and will send you to the competition for parts he doesn’t have. They have plans to grow the business. Julius said he spent a couple of years in Nassau learning his trade. He and his wife have a good business going here and I’m thankful to have found it. P2170166

Julius at work on my boat cards. I gave him a thumb drive and had him print out a new batch. He didn’t like my margins and fixed it.


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It was fun guessing how the swim goggles would reappear in the story. Glad EW didn't find some creative use for them while you were gone.

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