Leaving Bimini

On the Hook in Nassau

We arrived in Nassau at 2 this afternoon. They are predicting squalls until midnight - so far we seem to be in the "lucky zone". I have much to share and two (incredibly good) posts ready but my laptop is down, so I will have to take the time to write other good posts -- no photos until my laptop is up and running. 

We will be here a couple of days at least. May not try to get a slip since we have such great wifi on the boat -- paid $24.00 for 7 days (it was either that or $10.00 a day) and it seems to be strong and fast. Will try making a Skype or Google call later. 

So far, the Bahamas have been great -- but we are anxious to get to the Exumas. Every guide mentions that crime is rampant in Nassau so we aren't sure what we'll do about getting ashore to get the laptop fixed, and get a couple of needed items. 

We dragged anchor last night and didn't get a lot of sleep -- La Luna did not touch bottom but it was close. We've promised her nothing but water for her future and intend to keep that promise. When I can get those blogs out of the laptop you'll learn why that promise was necessary. 

All is good. We are healthy and happy. The finger is healing and will probably be a bit crooked. It adds character. I'm not using the splint now -- just taping it when I'm not typing. 

Hear you Maine folk -- and a certain New Mexico woman -- have been experiencing winter weather. So sorry. We've been wearing shorts and snorkeling, and fishing for conch. 

Much more (and hopefully much more interesting) later.


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E. Roberts

I have been following your blog and living through you and EW's experiences. A good sailing friend of mine by the name of J. Nixon sent me the info so I could follow your trip. Keep the post coming. Just knowing that someone somewhere is in shorts and t-shirt is comforting.

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