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Cars in Nassau

During our first two nights in the rolling, bouncing anchorage, the dominant sounds we heard were wind in the rigging, slapping waves, and various items aboard rattling and tumbling. Over it all we heard the automobile horns. There are a lot of cars in Nassau. If you walk in the city, as we have, you’ll find that the drivers communicate largely with car horns. We haven’t learned the horn language, but it is clear that a toot can mean many things ..

Go Ahead, I’ll wait.  


Hello, friend.

Thank you.


Good bye.

Backing up.


Get out of my way!

We found it interesting that most of these toots are short – and to us meaningless. Seems to work for them.

They drive on the left here – some in cars made for that and others in cars imported from the U.S. You never know where the driver will be and that is disconcerting. Of course we have to make sure that we check left first last and constantly when we cross the street. EW forgot on Monday, as I was yelling, “Honey, STOP!” the lovely lady driving successfully avoided him.

She stopped. He jumped back to the side of the road and we apologized. She smiled and offered us a ride. She probably wanted to protect the other drivers from our backwards ways, but it was a very nice gesture.

On another day, we had been given directions to Shirley Street, but first went to a shopping plaza we knew. The exit from the back of the plaza was “To Shirley Street” so we asked a security guard whether that would be a good way to walk to Shirley instead of going back down the hill to Mackie Street.

“You could go dat way,” he said with a smile. “But I don’t recommend it. You might get scratched up.”  We didn’t understand what he meant by that but took his advice.

Later on, as we walked the other end of Shirley Street in bumper to bumper stop and go traffic with no sidewalks, we carefully brushed past trees, power poles, parked cars, and cement walls. EW says, “I think this is what he meant by ‘scratched up’.” 

During that walk we would pass a car that would later pass us as a police officer directed traffic around construction. At one point a gentleman with whom we had alternated the lead, looked up and greeted us.  Then he offered us a ride.

Nice drivers here. There are a lot of them, but they’re nice.


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