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The Cruising Life: It's Not Always Fun in the Sun

This has been an interesting week. Much of it has been good, but some of it has been frustrating and I must confess that my normal good humor seemed to disappear for hours at a time. The reality is that all of the problems are solvable. 

Our navigation software is down. Since the manufacturer and the support team are in France, it is a bit of a challenge to contact them. They needed me to download a debug software, and we didn't have reliable wifi on the hook. So we are at Southport Raw Bar before they open. They charge boaters $10.00 to tie their dinghy -- and give you a receipt for $10.00 of food and drink. Not a bad deal, actually.  We may scoot back to the boat to complete some high priority tasks and come back later today for dinner. 

So, getting things like this done takes longer. Getting a lot of things done takes longer. But we get to enjoy people and experiences that we'd otherwise miss.  Essentially, I still need to learn to chill. Chilling is easy here today. Back in the fleece jackets as it was in the 40's this AM.

The must-do projects include stowing the provisions we took on board and stowing a lot of things that have been left out while EW has worked on Boat Projects. We will have to come to an understanding about taking a one or two day break between projects as major projects encompass main salon, galley, and master stateroom, leaving me no place to go but on deck and no way to so my projects, clean, or cook.  It makes me testy. Very.

So. Today we will get everything stowed. We will. It will happen. Then we will come back here and reward ourselves.  I can get behind that. Funny how we all let little things get us down. In the general scheme of things none of these problems matter.  We will soon be cruising in the Bahamas. We are moving forward to fulfill our dreams. That is what matters. 

I have notes and photos and will write posts to catch you all up on a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends in Jacksonville, and fun times in Fort Lauderdale. Life is good. Best to all of you.


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At the City Marina in Charleston, we ran ran into the Phyllis Nickel and John Harries (long time cruisers) of Morgan's Cloud (see morganscloud.com). On your topic, they were giving us some good advice about relaxing and enjoying the journey.
They said they try to go offshore for one day and one night and arrive in a place to enjoy a full day (or more) of catching up, relaxing, seeing sights. So we are ditching our plans for a quick re-fuel and go and have decided to enjoy Charleston a bit - well and do laundry, provisioning and a quick trip to the supermarket. Hugs D&J

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