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Smaller is Better When You Live Aboard a Boat (Or, Cathy Was Right)

Ever since we moved aboard the La Luna eight and a half years ago, our friends have been very supportive. One friend tickled us because she kept looking for things that would “fit” our new lifestyle and came up with bread mixes that only needed one ingredient, coats that zipped into a pocket, and a travel towel from L.L. Bean.

I have to confess that I was not enamored with that travel towel. In private, we smirked a bit and exclaimed “But this is our home! We use regular towels!” Indeed, when our plush green towels started showing wear, we purchased even more plush white and buff towels, 60 inches long. We even had a set for guests.

Then Margo (world cruiser and one of the folks I listen to with rapt attention) said, “You know you can’t take those towels when you cruise, don’t you?” EW was more stricken than I and I was struck dumb. “Really?”. “No, you can’t. They will take ages to dry in the tropics and will  mildew.” Ick.

So I did some research on microfiber towels. (You know where this is going, don’t you?) I found the towels on Amazon for a good price, but the size I wanted didn’t have hanging tags and then I found the same towels just down the road at L.L. Bean. EW and I took a short road trip before we left Maine and picked up two sets of microfiber towels so we have a set for guests. They really do dry us well, and they dry very quickly. They’ll be easy to wash out on the boat when we are far from a laundry-matt.

And they take up a lot less space. Here are two lovely plush towels with two lovely flat micro-fiber towels on top of them. PC120098

And here they are with one vacuum bagged plush towel. EW wouldn’t let me get rid of them, so they’re stored under our bed. This is supposed to be a long cruise and I wonder if they will still be usable (or important) eight years from now. PC120099


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