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December 2010

Arrival Fort Lauderdale

We had a great sail to Fort Lauderdale, and will enter the channel
here within the hour. I have been beseiged by "Blond Moments" and
apologize for 1) saying the trip would take 24-36 hours when I knew it
would be 48 hours. And 2) not realizing that I have had cell phone
coverage for hours.

For some reason neither of us slept well this trip. I finally got a
solid three hours in a row this AM and EW is no longer considering
making me walk the plank.

Leaving St. Augustine

We left the mooring field in time to make the 12:30 bridge opening. It was hard to leave here. Great marina, nice town, wonderful friends - old and new.

C.K., her husband UA, and their family treated us as if we had discovered the new world. It was an amazing visit and getting there in time for Thanksgiving was our first goal for our trip. This is something EW proposed nearly a year ago and we were thrilled to make it happen.

We also spent time with new friends Paddy and Steph and visited a bit with two couples we met on Cumberland Island.

Now we head to Fort Lauderdale on a beautiful day with northwest winds of 15-20. We are reaching and La Luna loves a reach. We ate, EW is reading below and I'm on watch.

Life is good. Life is very, very good.

We will arrive in 24 to 36 hours.

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