Smaller is Better When You Live Aboard a Boat (Or, Cathy Was Right)
EW Watching His Line

Moon Over Miami

Well not quite. But definitely moon over Fort Lauderdale. We did not
leave town today.

We got a late start.

We needed to get diesel and water.

The marina we chose didn't offer a pump out.

They did offer really bad advice and told us that every bridge from
here to Miami was a lift bridge and we could go down the waterway,
anchoring in Lake Hollywood tonight.

Right. We did go through the Las Olas bridge to the town dock for a
pump out. (long story). While there I checked the charts. There are 65
foot tall fixed bridges down here. (We are at least 66 feet from the
waterline) Lake Hollywood is only 4 or 5 feet deep. (We draw 6.2
feet.) Don't trust folks on the dock.

We returned to Lake Sylvia for the night. At low tide this afternoon.
And got stuck. Sigh

Safely off and anchored before sundown with gin and tonics on deck. We
definitely deserved them!

Miami tomorrw -- but first we'll set the alarm for 2 AM so we can
celebrate the solstice and view the lunar eclipse.

What the hey ... We're cruisin'


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