From Maine to Florida in 60 Days and 15 Projects (Sort of)
Smaller is Better When You Live Aboard a Boat (Or, Cathy Was Right)


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John and I were both so impressed at all you have accomplished in just 90 days. We know how hard it is to travel and get any projects done. Looks like we will have spend some time in Florida doing the same and not cross after the New Year. We are heading to St. Augustine today - inside due to sea state. Hopefully make a run to Stuart on Tuesday/Wednesday. Take care.


PS Sorry about the Bahamas window, but the real window you made (and so many don't) was getting out of Maine before the snow!

Darleen Najera

Not a bad place to be stuck! LOL. Man you guys are working hard. I love reading your posts Barb, esp when I am having a crazy week and just want to escape my life, I delve into yours and get away. I think now that you are in warm weather I will visit more often. HA! Merry Christmas. Miss you. Darleen

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