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Merry Christmas

This post is being written on Thursday, December 23rd. This morning as we discussed leaving on Saturday I thought today was Friday. When I finally got the date right I felt as though I had been given a gift of 24 hours. Keeping up with the days is tough in this lifestyle. Just sayin'.


As this is published, we hope to be underway to Bimini in the Bahamas. It appears that Saturday-Sunday is a good weather window and getting better. I'm pleased on a number of fronts not the least of which is that I've been watching this window for a week and am thrilled to see that I am learning this weather thing a bit. We received confirmation from some neighboring sailors who have access to weather on the SSB (still in the box on La Luna) and it looks as though we and a number of others will leave sometime on Saturday, Christmas Day. 

As one of my Twitter friends said, when I mentioned we may leave on Christmas Eve, "How Romantic." It's not how I expected to spend our first Christmas At Sea - but I'm OK with it. We will spend Christmas on a calm sea, crossing the Gulf Stream in perfect conditions. We will think of friends and family and hope that all of you are enjoying this day as much as we are.

Every day I try to remember that we are living our dream. When another Twitter friend asked whether Santa would know where to find us to fill our stockings. I said that we would hang our stockings and expected to fill them with future destinations. Once we are safely anchored in the Bahamas -- and rested -- I will make EW a Texas Bourbon Pecan Pie -- and we will prepare a holiday meal. We have some special treats (dark chocolate M & M's, candy canes, and pistachio nuts) for the holiday. And we have Pepperidge Farm Brussels cookies for the holiday cruise to the Bahamas.

We will miss our holiday traditions -- Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with EW's sister and her guy (gentleman friend, partner, boyfriend -- whatever) and Christmas Day with my sister and her husband, one of my brothers and his wife and other family. I don't think we'll miss the snow. But I do miss the wonderful holiday lights in Portland. There has been nothing that comes close in any of the communities we've visited.

We will miss family and friends. But we are blessed and happy.

We send you hugs and warm wishes and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

With love from La Luna in the Bahamas,


Barb and EW



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Hugs and fuzzy wags from Lynnelle and Pablo. We just exchanged gifts here and my gift was a pair of warm, fuzzy slippers from... you guessed it... LLBean. Funny, huh? Drive 4 days down to Texas and Maine follows me in the way of slippers. I love you and miss you and am looking forward to AiA!

John C Wolfe

Mery Christmas to you and Stew from Evergreen. We are still in St. Augustine .. planning to head down to Stuart around the 3rd, after New Years and our 33rd Anniversary.Haven't left the dock since we got here, other than to get fuel & pumpout the holding tank (ughh) but, that's O.K. 'cause we love it here (having spent the whole winter here 5 years ago; we're finding old friends & acquaintances from back then) ... Fran's foot is healing, but, not fast enough to suit her .. we haven't been able to do our typical walk everywhere, so are beating around in a rental car. The trip has still been great, however, and the highlight remains our hookup with you and Stew in Fernandina Beach ... by the way, how is your finger, Boatwoman ? Tell Stew I said you'll end up with a crooked little finger to match Billy Riggi's elbow ! (should bring a grin).
Stay Safe & Well ... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you Both.
Love & Hugs, John & Fran aboard Evergreen.

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