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Making New Friends

As many of you know, and others have surmised, EW and I are social creatures. We both are likely to strike up conversations with strangers. This is a good trait when one is sailing, and it's amazing to meet up with new friends over and over again. 

We met folks on Cumberland Island that we've seen again in St. Augustine and Lake Sylvia in Fort Lauderdale. We met folks in Hampton Virginia who showed up in St. Augustine and came to dinner with us and our friends from Florida. We have met people here at No Name Harbor who are going to the Bahamas and we all may go over together on Saturday. We probably won't "buddy boat" but we will watch for them all as we visit the Exhumas. We all have our own agendas. Some are picking up family in Nassau, others want to spend time in the Abacos. 

Most of these folks will be heading back up to "their" north -- Virginia, Connecticut, Maine, or Ontario -- next spring. We will be heading south. I'm sure we will meet others along the way. One woman said we were "ambitious" to head farther south. I think she and the others are ambitious to keep heading up and down every year. As I've mentioned before, this delivery stuff is work.

I have found that it is easier to meet on shore. Laundry rooms at marinas provide great opportunities to chat and learn. Some ladies' rooms are also useful. If women are drying their hair or waiting for their turn in the shower, we talk. It became a La Luna joke in St. Augustine as I would return to the boat with a useful tidbit and EW would ask where I'd heard that. "In the ladies' room", I'd reply. He'd roll his eyes. Guess men don't communicate so much in the men's room.

At Lake Sylvia, where we anchored for a week, I was feeling a tad isolated, even though while on shore we did run into three sets of boaters we'd met on the way. I needed to just chat with some new people. So I baked two batches of Jake the Sailor Dog's Ginger Cookies for Judges and we distributed cookies in the harbor. That was fun. Got some new boat cards and clarification on getting into No Name Harbor. We'll look for a bunch of those folks in the Exhumas.

This is one of the things I love best about this lifestyle. There are a whole lot of interesting folks out there. 


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