Going With the Flow – Or Not
On the Hook in Nassau

Leaving Bimini

We are leaving Bimini to anchor tonight at North Cat Cay and work our way across the Bahama Banks. There's only 9 - 15 feet of water most of the way for 50 plus miles. Should be something one gets used to, right?

We hope. May stay on the banks a couple of nights as folks just anchor there -- out of sight of land -- sounds like fun. I think.

We then may go up to anchor northwest of Devil's Cay in the Berry Islands. It looks like a great place to visit and snorkle.

Then we'll head to Nassau for one night to re-connect and get the propane tanks filled.

Happy New Year!


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Kate B.

Cannot tell a lie. I find it rather cruel and unusual to read about Bimini when we are currently in single digits (post windchill).

That being said, so glad you're having fun (hope the pinky has healed :)

Jerry Dumouchel (brother in-law to Barb & EW)

we just had a blizzard,about 15 ins. of snow ,hard winds and you having such a good time, not fair love sis

Wilma LaBrie

That sounds wonderful! Enjoy the snorkling, loved doing that in Hawaii! So glad things are going well and you are enjoying your cruising! This retirement gig is just great!! Love reading your posts.

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