EW watching "Favorite's" team round the mark.


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James Schipper

Those are Muscovy ducks. Don't seem to quack just right. They kind of hiss when they are agitated, which seems to be all the time. New to me when I moved out to Florida a few years ago.

irene morgan

Barb loved the duck Irene MPX

Irene Morgan

Glad to hear you are having a great time. Still miss seeing you. Things here in Maine still the same. Irene (Maine Printing Co)


Hello, Irene. So nice to hear from you! We love this lifestyle and are having a lot of fun. Glad things are going well with you. I hear the weather may have gotten a little cooler - finally.

Hope you are enjoying your summer.


Irene Morgan

Where are you now? Haven't been able to track you for some time. Bob is remodeling the old Wise building next door and we will be moving there around September.

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