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Merry Christmas Miami

Christmas at Sea -- and in the Bahamas

Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!


It's Christmas Eve and
we hope that those of you who celebrate this holiday are having a wonderful
time with family and friends. We wish all of you the best New Year ever.


We are anchored in Key
Biscayne at Bill Baggs State Park, and plan to leave here early on Christmas
morning for Bimini in the Bahamas. We'll post our safe passage on the blog -- as soon as we can -- as we expect to have wifi in the Bahamas.


Stew has installed and
repaired and replaced a lot of things since October 18 - but has not had the
time to complete installation of the 

SSB (big deal radio that
allows emails) so until that is in place we'll be out of touch some while in
the Bahamas.We will not use our cell phone there, though we hope to make calls
on Skype or Google. We'll have voice mail forwarded to one of those accounts --
and we'll turn off the iPhone once we are out of range in the morning. Our
primary goal in the Bahamas is to spend time in the Exhumas -- where we'll
often be out of contact. We'll try to let you know through the blog or via
email when to expect us to disappear for a while. I'll definitely post a blog
when we get back into a town. 


So -- I haven't
decorated the tree (mast) yet as we will get underway. I'll prepare a feast
with pecan pie for the captain once we are in the Bahamas. The weather window
is tiny so we don't plan to leave Bimini for a number of days, which will give
us lots of time to celebrate Christmas.


Hugs and love to all!


P.S. I found out today
that ATT is all local U.S. in all of the Caribbean. Sweet! We can all talk
again once La Luna reaches Luperon. 


Barb and Stew

Sailing. Find out where by going to:


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