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Wind Power

We have wind power. EW successfully completed the installation of our new Air Breeze Wind Generator today. Yippee. And the wind is quite strong so we are giving Gramps (Great Amps) a good test. 

I will post photos and a story about this. In the meantime. EW is going to finish tying off wires and pick up his tools. I'm going to take cardboard garbage to shore, fill up the dinghy gas tank, and shower at the town dock facilities. 

A cigar and a Scotch are in EW's future this evening. Perhaps a trip to the Air and Space Museum this afternoon. Winds at Hatteras are still at 28 with 17 foot seas through most of Saturday so we will leave here Saturday AM.  Winds are expected to start dropping tomorrow and we should go around Hatteras with 10 knots of wind. (Crossing fingers here.) It'll take 20-24 hours to get around Hatteras and a bit over 4 days to get to Cumberland Island. We'll leave tomorrow morning. With wind power. 

EW is my hero.  


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Congratulations. I am sure you will not miss your hour of power. Fair winds.

Mike Laurence

Rounding Hatteras was one of my favorite times... dipping into troughs as deep as the spreaders and cresting peaks with wind whipped spray - Yee Haw! Then there was my hallucination.....

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