Morning clouds over Beaufort. EW says it looks like a Pixar movie.

We Are Safely Anchored at Cumberland Island, Georgia

We dropped the anchor at 2:30 AM Friday after an interesting sail -- to say the least. No worries around Cape Hatteras. We had nothing to fear but Cape Fear where we encountered a 24 hour gale of 30 knot winds with gusts to 40 knots.

Yep. I have stories to tell and a broken left pinkie finger.

Wifi is a bit spotty here, so we called close friends and family and my brothe-in-law, Jerry posted in comments on the blog and on Facebook. If you are on Facebook you may want to follow Jerry as this could happen again before the SSB is installed.  Boating friends emailed us this AM saying they were thinking of calling the Coast Guard as I hadn't posted. 

We are finally rested and these days at Cumberland Island are supposed to be EW's vacation from massive boat projects. So, we are going ashore to visit the national park. I'm learning to type with nine fingers and will post stories of Hampton and our trip.  



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Jerry Dumouchel (brother in-law to Barb & EW)

Stew has been at sea too long! Don't let him navigate,

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