Wind Power

Leaving Virginia

Greetings. We are sailing in 18 knots of wind, heading to the bridge tunnel. This wil be my longest passage ever - a bit over 4 days at least as we hope to go all the way to Cumberland Island. There we - particularly my hero EW - will rest and relax and play tourist.

"Gramps" the new wind generator is spinning, "Max", the new navigation software is plotting our progress. This is a perfect moment under sail

The winds and waves may be in the 20's and teens, respectively tonight and are supposed to drop tomorrow, easing our passage around Cape Hatteras. Please let that be so. One of the comments on my blog this morning mentoned his joy in going around Hatteras with spray from the waves reaching as high as the spreders. Our lower spreaders are about 25 feet from the deck. Waves that high would not be a good thing in my opinion.

I can't yet post from sea but will write when I have a signal on this Iphone. That will not be often. So don't expect any word until we are anchored within site of palm trees.

For those of you wondering - we did top up with fuel and water.

Fuel me once ... No that is fool me once ... Well you get the idea.


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