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Finally. Finally we met and spent an evening with brand new boating friends.  Most of you know -- or even if you know me only through this blog you will have surmised -- that I am a tad out-going. Pretty far off the scale for extroversion.  If you don't know us, you may assume that EW is shy and retiring to counter my tendencies. You would be wrong. 

When we lived on the dock I started an email list, arranged dock parties and boat tours and generally continued my life as a "neighbor lady". On the mooring in Maine this summer, we still made sure to meet and visit with other boaters who were on the hook or on the dock.

In the past three weeks we've had one young Canadian sailor over for coffee and had a pizza dinner on a catamaran last Friday. We knew the male half of that couple as he had sold us our heating system 8 years ago. Last night we had wine (too much for me) with a delightful Canadian couple, Paddy and Steph and their beautiful dog, Jenny. (Jenny didn't have any wine.)

We so enjoyed meeting them. They are interesting and fun and smart -- and they are house-boaters. Their 65 foot Fantasy is amazing. Huge. Comfortable. Hot tub on the top deck. (It was empty.)  Totally not the kind of boating we do. 

They never anchor out -- so far. Paddy is aware that the anchor they have isn't strong enough for that boat. They have a wide screen TV, a bathroom -- not a head-- and normal kitchen appliances and cupboards in the galley. Check out their boat and their story on their blog .  If for no other reason than to see that beautiful and smart, Jenny. She's half Golden Retriever and half Pyrenees -- a white Golden with a generous butt and a huge heart. This boat is so big that Paddy had to post signs at every entry telling folks this was a private vessel and asking them not to board. Everywhere they went, folks thought is was a party boat. r

This photo is from their blog -- here is Jenny on their bed. Remember, this is a boat bed. Now I need a heart pillow, too.

Jenny on bed1


Meeting new folks and learning about them is one of the reasons I wanted to do this cruising thing. In addition to just liking them and their dog - both EW and I were impressed with their boating savvy. It isn't a vessel we'd like to have as it wouldn't take us where we want to go. But this is an coastal cruiser and they have taken it outside and through the Inland Waterway from Sarasota to the Thousand Islands. They are good navigators. Work well as a team. And enjoy the journey as much as they enjoy the stops along the way. 

Their boat is nothing like ours. But we share a common bond. We are cruisers. 

I love this life. 


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Steph, Paddy and Jenny the Salty Dawg

Hello fellow cruisers! Jenny says that is her fav pic of herself, so she is happy to show it off! It shows that she is having a real tough time onboard!
We so enjoyed our time with you two last night, and are looking forward to another great evening and some music floating around the room!
Some pickin' and grinnin'!
Photo to follow!
Steph and Paddy

Connie Durrell

How awesome to be meeting new fellow travelers from all over the world on your journey! Sounds like you will be having a ball wherever you go meeting such fine folks! Enjoy!!!


Barb & E W
So happy for you both to be enjoying your sailing life and the interesting people you meet. We met some nice people on our recent trip to Nevada and Arizona. Loved Sedona!

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