You Have Nothing to Fear but Cape Fear Itself.


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John Holmes

Good moring from Yarmouth.
35 degrees today, 23 degrees yesterday.
Wanna buy a Volvo ?
All best from Jaci & John H


Okay...I give up...who or what is EW?

Glad to hear you are both well. Think of you every time I see a sailboat in Melbourne or Sydney (yep, I'm back in Australia for another month, heading home Dec 4th). Looks like you guys are having a blast...except for the pinkie :-(


Corri Connally

Jacksonville, FL has great Fireworks and a boat parade downtown on the River this Saturday, if you are going to be near. Although, I suppose that would make staying over here hard that night.

Corri Connally

Although, there is a marina right across from the Landing...they might have spots and then you'd be right in the thick of things.

Sorry, I should have also mentioned I'm a lurker. :) Glad you guys are in our neck of the woods. Hope you love it as much as we do.

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