EW at the helm as we enter the Cape Cod Canal. I call that a successful night passage.

Where we are

We are not on the bounding main tonight. The winds are directly from
the southwest so we were pounding into it under power. We sailed a bit
in Buzzard's Bay, then had a little issue then motored. We were 8
hours behind the plan and the weather tonight and Thursday wouldn't be
better so we are on the hook in Cuttyhunk. We'll work on the boat
tomorrow and set off again on Friday with great sailing weather.

We are learning to take our time. This is certainly a lesson I've not
learned well in the past. I found myself getting anxious this morning
as we were not ready at the ten o'clock time of departure. Leaving at
ten thirty instead presented no issue at all. Whether we get fo
Maryland on Saturday or Sunday won't matter either.

Hope to write a real post soon -- not these iPhone emails.


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