We are sailing
Where we are


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D & J

Congratulations! Can't wait to be following in your wake. Is it getting warmer yet? D&J

Kathy Malon

Great picture of Captain EW!!! So happy that you are on your way to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Happy sailing!

Magdalene Came

My, my, what handsome captain! You're really on your way, now--may the wind be always where you need it.


Great picture and a great start to your trip. I was in Bourne today around 4pm and it was sunny, clear and 62 degrees. Glad you had a great day to pass throught the canal. I love your posts!

Susan Bassi Brown

It's getting colder & colder here -- hope things warm as you move south!!

Chrissy Maniskas

YAY!!!! Lookin' good Captain Stew!

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