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Weddings, Marriage, and the Path We Take

This weekend we attended a beautiful wedding. The couple is young, but mature and ready to walk their life path together. The wedding was wonderful -- beautiful, yet with unexpected moments of humor: The ring bearer carried the rings tied onto a large plush elephant. The young male attendants wore suits and ties -- and whited-tipped black Converse sneakers. The bride and her dad arrived via a lobster boat and she whooped and waved all the way in to the dock. The bride and groom and all of us smiled and laughed throughout the ceremony. 

My favorite moment was a private one: After the dinner and before the dancing, I stood in line at the ladies' room in the lobby of the Newagen Seaside Inn. Bride and Groom walked into the lobby hand in hand to practice their "first dance", as they had some concern that her gown would impede them. While they wowed us on the dance floor to tears laughter and applause, that first dance in the lobby will be the one I remember. They'll do fine.

Both are adventurous and met in Europe as both were working there - she in Italy and he in Switzerland. That love of travel and adventure is one of the things that bind them together. Both sets of parents gave them each strong roots; and both bride and groom have earned their wings.  

Do you think about your marriage when you go to a wedding? I'm still in my rather melancholy state of imminent departure, good-byes, huge lists of things to do as EW and I walk down this unconventional path of sailing away. This morning, on MBBN Radio, I listened as Garrison Keillor read My Parents' Dance Lesson by Alison Townsend.  My favorite line:

The truth is, no one really knows
about the moment when their glance
catches and snags across the room,
a fishline pulling taut as they
place their feet on Murray's
famous "magic footsteps," and start
the slow luxury of reeling one another in.

When EW and I met -- it was not romantic. Funny, but not romantic. While I did not feel an instant tug that evening, within three weeks I was sure that "he was the one". But I was not adventurous in my youth and never, ever, ever imagined this path we are now walking. 

The truth is, when we begin a marriage none of us know where our path will lead. We do know that we'll experience laughter, tears, disappointments, wonder, sorrows and great happiness. During these last few weeks I've experienced every one of those weekly if not daily!

EW and I have a good life and I like our path.  I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

I hope that the Bride and Groom feel the same way in 25 years. 


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You're a beautiful writer Aunt Barbie :) I'm looking forward to following your blog as you take you're trip around the world!

I'm even more excited to see you this Thanksgiving!!

With Love,



John and I were so moved when reading this. You perfectly summarized and captured the feeling of the day - Thank you for writing this!

Sending our love to you and Stew,

xx Lynelle and John Schumacher :-)

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