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Addendum to Today's Post

Ti-i-ime is On My Side. (Yes It Is.)

Well, not really. But time is definitely on my mind. 

And our time is apparently on the minds of all friends and acquaintances. Just today - both on TWitter and IRL (In Real Life for you non-social media types)over 20 people have asked me, "So, when are you leaving?"

And I reply:

"Sometime in early October."


"As soon as we can in October."

And those who've asked this same question in the past few weeks say, "Oh. You haven't narrowed it down, yet?"

No. And we don't have to.

Once we set off, we will strive to embrace the cruiser's lifestyle. We will leave with a favorable wind and safe weather forecast. We will leave when we are ready. We will leave when we are done whatever it was we planed to do.

Successful cruisers protect their boat and her crew by operating on the principle of "Date or Location - Never Both".

If we need to be someplace we will arrive at that destination -- when we can. If we need to connect with someone at a certain time, we will leave the boat to meet them or have them come to wherever we are.

Right now, EW and I still have a few business obligations and we have a lot of good-bye lunches and dinners. In that respect,Time Is NOT On My Side - so many meals and so little time.

Other than that, our lifestyle is changing. We need to get stuff done on the boat and then when we're ready to head to the Chesapeake safely, we'll leave. It may be without notice. We'll wave at you when we pass Portland Head Light, but we don't expect you to be standing on shore waving back. Between now and Thanksgiving we have two time constraints: EW hopes to attend a wedding in Niagara Falls on October 23 and we can't head south of Cape Hatteras prior to whatever November date our insurance company dictates. (November 1 or November 15 -- I forgot to check. Again.) If we don't make it all the way to Jacksonville before Turkey day, we'll leave the boat and take the bus. Date or Location.

So. We don't know when we're leaving, and we're OK with that. We'll probably narrow it down the day before we take off. Keep asking as I love the attention, but as one of our sailing friends frequently says, "It's hard tellin' not knowin'."



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I think the cruiser's lifestyle sounds perfect. If only more people lived by what feels right/safe and less by the calendar, the clock, and others' expectations, I think we'd all be a whole lot happier.

Best wishes to you as you embark on your adventure! I'll look forward to your tweets from the sea.

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